Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Hi people,

Yes its been a while since my last post. I have been in and out of town, weddings and plenty things like that. The past two weeks have been the best weeks of my life so far.

We are closing officially at work today, so we are working half day and there is a party afterwards.

I'm in very high spirits so its hard to put my words together.

Can u believe Nosa Omoregie, the guy who sang "i go always pray for you" was in my church last week sunday. That i believe is my christmas present from God.

My bestie got married last week and i was her cbm, it was a very beautiful wedding, i worked and danced plenty. Happy married life Chilli and Lafup, love u loads!

Happy married life to pearl dazzle and Tobi too.

I just had to drop by and wish my friends and readers a wonderful christmas. This might be my last post this year.

Merry xmas people and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Enough is enough!

I read on Linda Ikeji's blog yesterday about the manslaughter in Yobe state, over 150 people lost their lives, i have never been so distraught in my entire life. When will this killing stop? Why are corps members still posted to the north? Why isn't the government doing anything about it? Is this how innocent people will continue to loose their lives?

The news of the female corp member that was killed is most disheartening, i cannot imagine what her family is going through right now. I was also posted to Yobe in 2009 for my NYSC. I had no intention of staying after my orientation, and i was priviledged to fall under the batch that had their orientation for just two weeks. I tried to re-deploy but that didn't work even after submitting the doctor's report that mentioned me as being asthmatic, i wasn't surprised though because i know that redeploying to Lagos doesn't come easily, besides that was just one of my many plans...

After the orientation, our posting was out and i was posted to Fika Local Government, i didn't care because i had no plan on staying in Yobe besides, i already had a job waiting for me in Lagos.

My plan was to settle my Zonal Inspector monthly and vamoose but then i was told that the ZI in Fika was a difficult person, so i had to relocate to another LG. I chose Potiskum which i found very easy, i did what i had to do and i fled.

I enjoyed every minute i spent in Yobe and i think i would have stayed back if i didn't have a job back here, it felt good to be away from home, i was super excited to explore the north, and i also had the opportunity of visiting my friend in Kano.

Now Boko Haram has made it impossible for Nigerians to explore the Northern part of the country, if they stopped at that it would have been fine but this act of genocide is a total calamity.

My pastor in church always says that Boko Haram is closer than we think. I used to wander how close it could get, now i understand what he means, the more we know people who are affected, the closer it gets to US.

I don't know what the government is doing about this but i believe in the power of prayer and i implore everyone to continually pray for Nigeria, evil must not prevail in our land.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace and may God comfort their families.

Friday, 4 November 2011

My conscience is INTACT.

God makes all things beautiful in his time.

I have come to realize that God has a plan and a purpose for everyone. I can personally testify that His ways are not our ways and that He knows what is best for us. God transformed a situation in my life and i must confess that i am still in awe, i still find it very difficult to comprehend. I can't wait to blog about it and i will do so in due time.

I have missed blogville o, all thanks to me. Our internet in the office expired before time because some people were downloading heavy stuffs online. Unfortunately i was part of it, i have been downloading desperate housewives and greys anatomy on my desktop. When the IT guy mentioned the reason why our internet expired, i felt very bad, not because anyone pointed a finger at me but because i knew i was solely responsible for it.

I have repented and consoled myself and infact i thank God that i feel guilty, it just means that i still have a conscience and that my mind is not reprobate.

I have more weddings coming up, i went to drop more aso-ebi's with the tailor and when my nice tailor gave me my bill, i almost passed out!

Talking of weddings, Kim and Kris really broke my heart, how could they? Like seriously, i am yet to watch the wedding sef!!! I was fooled into thinking they were in love, with all the vouching i vouched for them, they just fall my hand after 72 days. There is this male colleague of mine who can't help laughing at me and cannot understand why i am taking their break - up this seriously, he says i should stop using panadol for another man's headache.

On a lighter note, i have been re-inspired by Nosa's song titled "Always pray for you". I will post the link so you can also be inspired. Its topping my playlist and it has been on replay for the past two weeks.

My best part of the song is "if i offend you before forgive me, so that when we see again, you no go get BP (Blood pressure) for me". Sometimes when you are upset with someone and you don't forgive that person, the next time you see the person you just get very angry. I think that makes the blood pressure high, that's what Nosa means by BP.

Disclaimer: I used myself as case study, it may not apply to everybody.

Have a fantastic weekend people!!!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

My top 3 Adulthood Bad habits!

Over the years, my new year resolution has always been "to be a better person". As simple as it sounds, it encompasses the whole of my resolutions because being a better person entails working towards perfection and believe me, its not an easy task at all.

Everyone has bad habits, i do and i hope they are not so many. I did a compilation of the bad habits i really frown out.

* Picking the nose: I was a victim of this until i became a chic, yes a chic. Its so unhygienic and gross (like my janded friends will say), i think it was one of the habits i picked up as a child. I remember picking my nose so much with my bare finger and putting that same finger in my mouth. Any adult who still does this should be given 100 strokes of pankere!

* Sucking the finger: I sucked my finger for a very very long time, i think i sucked my thumb till i got to primary 5. My parents did everything possible to make me stop but nothing werked! I remember a time when they rubbed my finger with bitter leaf so that i would stop, sharp girl like me will wash the thumb will soap and water and continue sucking.

* Chewing the fingernails: i was a gold medalist when it came to chewing my fingernails, i would chew my nails so much until it starts to hurt. My fingers were so ugly and i hid them a lot from people, i was always uncomfortable when people held my hands because i would be too ashamed for them to see my nails, most of the time, i kept my hands to myself. Now when i look at my fingernails, i get so proud, they are very beautiful even without fixing acrylic.

For most people as we grow, we begin to drop the childish bad habits and embrace the bad habits that comes with being an adult. .. Here are my Top 3:

* Not keeping to time: As far as i am concerned this is a very bad habit and i am very guilty of it. It is seriously annoying, i get very upset when am to meet with someone at a particular time and i get there before the person, the only word that describes the feeling is annoying.

* Inabiltity to return phone calls: This is another nasty attitude that pisses me off, i am partly guilty of it and that happens ONLY if i do not recognise the number, i think that is pardonable but some people just don't return phone calls at all, this attitude seriously dey vex people!

* Leaving your plates wherever you eat: Am inspired to call this a bad habit because i am close to a few people who have this habit. After eating, the plates are meant to go into the sink, either they are ready to be washed or not. Some people have the habit of leaving their plates wherever they eat, asides calling it a bad habit, its also very dirty and i cannot condone it!

All these are my most disliked bad habits...i hope there a word like "most disliked".

If you are guilty of any of these offences, they are called aToskin's top three adulthood bad habits...

Make a resolution to be a better person year in, year out.


Friday, 30 September 2011

Life is short....

"life is short" has been my display message on bbm since Tuesday. This week has been very gloomy for me. Two people I know passed on which has left me very frightened. After my dad died a few years ago, I kind of developed a thick skin towards death and stop seeing it as a big deal, now that I think about it, I must have felt that way because I had not lost anyone very close to me.

Some guy in my estate who jogs everyday went jogging on Tuesday, while jogging, he slumped and fell on the floor and died probably before he was rushed to the hospital or on the way to the hospital. I froze when I was told on phone, it wasn't until I went to the hospital and saw his body that it dawned on me that he was really dead. I stood beside the stretcher where his body was laid and watched closely if I would see some sort of movement, he didn't move, he was really dead.

I was in awe because I could not comprehend what could have gone wrong, he wasn't obese as I presumed he would be, his body was well framed with all the packs in the right place. I was more stunned because I also just resumed back to jogging over the weekend after 3 months of laziness, I had checked my weight and saw how fat I had become and vowed to loose weight under one week. 

The day this guy died, I was just being lazy and didn't feel like jogging. I remember I got back from work and went to bed immediately and woke up much later. If I had gone jogging I definitely would have seen him that night.

I have been too terrified of jogging ever since he died, I have been doing a lot of thinking and wondered if things would have been different if I went jogging; am not a doctor, but I have been thinking that maybe I would have pumped his heart the way doctors do in grey's anatomy or a mouth to mouth respiration. That has crossed my mind a zillion times.....

I went to church the day after and shared a testimony about how short life is and that to make heaven is the ultimate goal. I could feel the sadness in the atmosphere as I shared the testimony, but it was really in my heart and I had to share it. I felt better after I did.

Another death happened today, this is someone I know personally. He had terminal cancer and I never knew. I heard the news today and went to pay the family a condolence visit. It really made me remember the days when my dad died. I know what it means to loose someone very dear.

I pray that the departed will rest in the Lord's bosom and I pray that God shall console their families.

Life is short, heaven is real and God is still God!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Networking ko, networking ni!

I do not fancy any business that has to do with networking. As attractive as the benefits may sound, i have never been tempted venturing into one.

A friend has tried all her best to make me start forever living product business, networking is not just my thing, i don't even have the energy to start convincing people talkless of following up with them, that is a lot of work as far as i am concerned.

A woman was at my office sometime last week to do a presentation on Anion sanitary pad, this was a serious lecture as she came with a board and a marker with plenty fliers and materials needed for the experiment. Fast forward, she started and ended the presentation but the highlight was not about selling the pads, she concentrated more on the networking part of the business.She went on and on and listed the numerous advantages like getting to a stage where i will be entitled to a brand new car. She told us how she quit her job and fully embraced the business blah blah blah.

The part i was meant to like was when she said that they(Anion distributors) are not permitted to force people into doing the business as its for people to decide for themselves. I was really very happy to hear that until she started calling and asking me how far. Goshhh, i was in shock, it was barely two days after her presentation and she was already contradicting herself, she even went to the extent of paying me another visit at work even after i told her i would be very busy, she still came oh and offered to wait till i was less busy. Geez, i was so very pissed and i considered that to be very annoying!

I dislike it when people are on my case on such issues, i love to make my own decisions because i always hold myself responsible for any decision i make either good or bad, i hate to have to hold someone responsible if things do not work out well for me.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: This blogpost is not aimed at discouraging anyone who is into networking business of any sort, i know a lot of people who are into it and making money big time, i personally do not take such risks plus the fact that i do not have the energy for that kain work.

Have a fantastic week people!

P:S I am looking forward to the long weekend already *insert dancing smiley here*

Monday, 5 September 2011

The puff puff specialist.

It's no news that I love puff puff, so today I wanna be generous and teach whoever is interested how to make puff puff. So here it is!!!


Powdered nutmeg
Dry pepper (optional)

Mix the flour, sugar, yeast, dry pepper, and nutmeg in a bowl. Add water and mix until a smooth mixture is obtained. Cover the bowl and ensure it's airtight. Place in the sun or wherever there is heat so it rises.

Form into balls and fry in hot vegetable oil.

It's best served with a cold glass of orange juice/ berry blast or wild vines(merlot).

My number two menu is......

Barbeque chicken

Vegetable oil
Chilli pepper
Ground Ginger
Ground garlic
Black pepper
Barbecue spice

The chicken can be a whole chicken or any part of the chicken. Wipe out the moistness of the chicken with a table cloth. Place chicken in a bowl, add the vegetable oil first and the other ingredients and spices one after the order and marinate. You can marinate for an hour or more or even overnight.

Place chicken on the grill and turn the sides when necessary.

I can't give a time frame but I'll advise that is checked from time to time. When its done, it can be topped with a barbeque sauce (Optional).

I usually grill my chicken with my microwave, so if you have a microwave that can grill, u should try it.

Barbeque chicken is the healthiest type of chicken to eat because as the chicken is grilled, the fats and oil is extracted.

Those are the two menu's I have been very successful with.

Will dish out out more as I learn more.

P.S: I measure with my eyes and it has never disappointed me.

Anyone who has an excellent skill in making doughnuts should please holla!!!

This stiff neck of mine...

I have been having these incessant headaches lately. It's really very bad and I know what causes it; my phones!!!. Work has really been hectic these past few weeks, in short we are in a phase where work is very tedious. There are so many Phone calls from clients here and there wanting to say so many things and make so many complains which I have to listen to (that is what am paid to do).

Sometimes I ignore the calls, but my conscience will not let me be at peace so I find myself returning the calls. Unfortunately, I work in a department where work never ends, the only time I don't think about work is when I am asleep.

Another alternative I have devised is to turn off my official line when neccesary. That too has a disadvantage as my boss could call and want to speak to me and I have to come up with excuses for turning off my phones (#lies#).

Presently, am having one of those headaches again, and to make matters worse, my neck is stiff which is making me very uncomfortable.

I just feel really sick today, prayers and prescriptions are welcome!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Weddings & things!

Hey blogville,

Thank God its friday, yaaaayyy!

A lot of people always assume that when i put on TGIF as my status on bbm, it means that am partying hard over the weekend but that is hardly ever the case. Infact, i hardly party, though i love to dance and i do it mostly in the comfort of my 25ish square meters living room, but this weekend, i have a wedding.

Weddings i love, i enjoy reading wedding stories, i google as many wedding websites as possible and refresh bella naija like every hour to see if there is a new wedding story plus pictures. A friend thinks its a syndrome and believes it will disappear after i am married.

My mom is also anxiously waiting to be a grandma, she is praying and fasting that it happens soonest and i am also believing God that it happens soon.

And of course, most weddings come with aso ebi, and i have lost count of how many i have bought, there are even some i haven't sown. As a matter of fact i have started sowing some into people lives, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Also, i am always on a bridal train, i completely enjoy it especially when they are my close friends, why would i be on a train if the bride is not my padi-padi? I have done this so many times and i feel my services should no longer be free!(chilli please disregard)

After this wedding, i have another in Nnewi, thats somewhere in Anambra and its gonna be my first time in the eastern part of Nigeria which makes me look forward to it badly.

So today, the UN headquarters got bombed, its really sad and terrible.

We all must pray for Nigeria, Violence must stop!!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The proverbs 31 woman

Proverbs 31 describes the duties/responsibilities of a Godly woman in every ramification. I studied the scripture again very recently (thanks to my pastor) and i have a greater understanding of what God expects from women.

I understood that the proverbs 31 woman was not poor, she was a wealthy woman who was constantly clothed in fine linen and purple, a woman who invested her money wisely and whose arms were open to the poor. She was also very industrious because in verse 24, the bible says she makes fine linen garments and sells them.

She is also a hardworking woman, as wealthy as she was, she would wake up when its still dark, make food for her family and delegate chores to her servants.

I also understand that she is a very proactive woman who saves up for the rainy days, she has a line of activities daily and plans for her family. Verse 21 says that when it snows she has no fear for her household for all of them are clothed in scarlet.

The bible also says in verse 26b that she speaks in wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue, she is also clothed in strength and dignity and she can laugh at the days to come.

She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children and her husband calls her blessed.

Conclusively, the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Now the real life situation.

A Godly woman must not be necessarily poor, the proverbs 31 woman was very hardworking and invested her money wisely. She didn't wear rags but always dresses well. She was also a very industrious woman who makes clothes and sells them.

She was not lazy. With the number of maidservants i can imagine her to have, she still woke up early and delegated their chores to them. The city type of life that exists now is to have a nanny, a cook, a drycleaner, a security man, a house maid, an errand boy etc without doing anything. Like my pastor said, its not bad having all of those but we should not allow that take over our role in the home. Some kids have never seen their mothers enter the kitchen and such children will grow up to be lazy and believe that their meals must always be prepared by someone else.

The proverbs 31 woman is a wise woman, she saves for the rainy days and is never stranded, she doesn't eat with her ten fingers (yoruba proverb translated to english).

She always minds her business and does not sit around for idle gossip. She spends her time watching and catering for her household.

She doesn't speak anyhow, she speaks with wisdom and weighs every word that comes out of her mouth.

Her husband and her children call her blessed.

The woman who fears the Lord must be praised.

The word of God is just very complete. There is a word that addresses every situation and when this was talked about in church, it made an impression in my heart.

Very recently, i listened to a toothpaste advert on radio and a mother told her son to brush before he goes to bed, the son begged his mom that he was sleepy already and she offered that they brush together. I thought deeply after that advert because i do not brush before i go to bed, i brush only the morning.

I wondered how i would train my kids to always brush their teeth before they go to bed because ordinarily, children learn by examples, then an idea creeped into my mind. I'll tell them that they must always brush in the mornings and in the evenings until they are as old as i am.


Monday, 15 August 2011


It was 5 years yesterday since Ayodele passed on.

Thinking back, it feels like yesterday. I was awakened by my mom's phone call yesterday morning. After speaking to her, i prayed and i thanked God for keeping my family thus far.

God has been very faithful, his steadfast love never ceases. I also testified in church about God's faithfulness (and as usual my heart almost popped out when it was my turn). I could see the sad look on people's faces as i was giving my testimony of the events that followed after Ayodele passed on.

The testimony was not to make people feel sorry for me or feel sad, it was more of a thanksgiving about how God has been there for my family. Growing up, i remember how attached i was to my dad and when he passed on, it felt as though my whole world had ended, my future looked bleak without him in it, but here i am today, God has put a smile on my face and filled the vacuum.

The rest of the service was awesome, may God bless Pastor Olu Banure, the sermon was fantastic! There is nothing as good as listening to an anointed preacher with a good sense of humor.

We miss you Ayodele....

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Worst date

I got the inspiration of this post from an article i read. I had a colleague tell me about her WORST date and here is her story...

She agrees to see a movie with this dude after much persuasion. When they arrived at the cinema, she realized that at every opportunity he got, he would always want to put his hands over her shoulders which was making her slouch as she was taller. He obviously knew it made her uncomfortable but he wouldn't let go!

The dude was so rough and clumsy and would drag her arm to get her attention, my dear friend was so uncomfortable that she could not wait for the movie to be over!!!

Here is another story i found very hilarious and i thought i should share........courtesy BN

Dotun – Wrong Girl
I had gone to the club with my friends and it was one of our usual wild nights. In the blur of things, I got a couple of numbers/BB Pins. There was a particular girl that stood out. She was a stunner and we had danced then whispered in each other’s ears for a couple of minutes.

We had swapped BB pins so then next day, I sent her a message. We chatted and I set up a date. Note that her photo on BB was a cute baby photo. After work, I rushed home and changed into a fresh shirt, shaved my beard and was ready. I picked a restaurant to impress and was ready!

Because she worked close by, she was to meet me at the restaurant. A few minutes after I sat at our table, she called to say she had arrived. I was excited and stood up to give her the customary Lagos pecks and hug and guess what – it was the WRONG girl! I did not recognize this girl and she definitely was not my weekend stunner. At that point, my mojo was off its course. I didnt even know how to react. I know it is shallow but I hate surprises. The girl seemed nice enough but she wasn’t who I was expecting. She seemed older than me and there were just too many things off. I couldn’t even concentrate. We had a few drinks but when we were about to order dinner, I told her my boss had sent me a text to rush over to the office to complete an urgent report. Paid for the drinks, left and deleted her off BB. After that date, I definitely cut down on drinking on my nights out.


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mrs. Otono!!!

I miss big brother, i honestly do.

I have had my eyes glued to channel 198 in the last three months and refused to watch any other station on dstv. I naturally love television, i love reality tv shows and so far big brother has been the most entertaining for me.

This year's big brother was a lot of entertainment, am glad Karen won, she was indeed the most amplified housemate. I was seriously addicted and also infected my close friends with the addiction, even my mum sef fell in love with the show! It was only my brother who refused to be bitten by the bug, he just couldn't understand the big deal about Big brother.

The grand finale was on sunday and i couldn't wait to get home, i wasn't in town and i had many miles to cover before 6pm. Got home before 6pm and couldn't just wait for the show to start, i had so many butterflies in my belly as i could not imagine Karen (Mrs.Otono) not winning.

Now i have a confession, infact i have learnt a lesson. It is bad to judge a book by its cover. I disliked Karen with so much passion and i made sure none of my friends liked her too. Three weeks into the show, i had a change of mind, i realized that she had a large and compassionate heart. Yes, i had to change my friends' mind too, but this time i didn't have to work too hard because we all felt the same way.

Back to the story, Karen and Wendall won 200,000USD each and i am very happy and proud of her. I really pray that Karen embraces God and becomes a new creature, she will indeed be a blessing to the body of Christ. I pray it happens soon too!

Welcome to August!!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Rain rain go away!!!!

It rained and rained and rained on sunday.

Unfortunately i was on the road, and it felt as though the gravity of the shower would break my windscreen. I have never driven under such heavy downpour, my vision was so blurred, i was on third mainland bridge, and i was seriously freaking out.

I descended the bridge and got to Kingsway road and was amazed at the flood i saw. I was muttering prayers that my car wouldn't stop because already my exhaust was buried in the flood and i could feel the force at which the flood was moving under my car.There was so much traffic and all i could do was just to pray as i couldn't imagine being stranded under the heavy rain and mighty flood.

I can only thank God for taking me home safely.

I have never seen such rain in my entire life, it rained for close to 12 hours.

So many homes were flooded, electronics were damaged, furnitures were soaked and some cars were submerged in water. I even heard in the news that some people died as a result of the flood.

It was really bad, Lagos was flooded on sunday. and i couldn't help but imagine the state of mind of BRF, he must have been so worried. I still think he is doing a fantastic job because Iju road has been totally transformed.

May God continue to bless BRF!!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Not again!

Yes not under-aged boy has a crush on me.

He walks to my desk, hands me a letter, i read through and i ask who sent him, and he taps his chest. I was so embarrassed.

This is happening to me the second time and am beginning to feel that maybe i really look under-aged. My friend's younger brother also once had a crush on me, i just couldn't believe my ears when he told me, he never accepted the "am your big sister" story, he was just too overwhelmed by the way he felt.

My newest crush has been calling and texting, i have tried to limit our conversation to his academics and its been working but it really feels awkward.

Nobody is permitted to tease me, it SHALL pass.

Thursday, 30 June 2011


I want to visit a prison, a psychiatric hospital and an orthopaedic hospital. These are places i have never been to and believe me, it has become a home for others.

I had a chat with a friend who has visited a prison before and i kind of had an insight, not that i ever thought Nigerian prisons are like Fox river penitentiary in prison break or the very tush corrective institutions i see on tv. I can imagine how uncondusive Nigerian prison rooms will be, how uncomfortable their beds are, the status of their bathrooms and toilets. It must be terrible for the convicts who are innocent and paying the price for a crime they did not commit.

I can imagine how those that are awaiting trials for years would have given up on being remembered. Its very disheartening most especially to think they are innocent convicts in prison, its really so sad.

I always thought that people in psychiatric patients were mainly people who have been jazzed, i can't believe i have been so myopic because i always believed that being insane meant that a person has been afflicted by witches (that's what happens when one watches a lot of Africa magic). Now i have realized that it could be as a result of drugs, depression, emotional breakdown, shock, trauma, stress and the list goes on and on.

As regards an orthopaedic hospital, i interpreted it to mean broken bones, and considering the number of "okada" accidents we have in Lagos on a daily basis, i can imagine how over-populated igbobi will be.

God is really faithful, i am indeed grateful to be alive!!!!

My song of the day is free by Lighthouse family.


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Another day is gone....

June June June.

Another new month, another day, another hour, another second. The clock never stops ticking. But am grateful to God, am alive, very hale and hearty, my family is doing great, my friends are getting married, my colleagues are the best and the list goes on and on and on.

June means a lot to me because its Ayodele's month. Am also glad because the the first half of the year is almost coming to an end, and through it all God has been too faithful.

Things are getting better, i am becoming a better person, i am gradually taking control of my temper and God has really been helping me. I snapped at my colleague this morning, i was really angry but i came out of it under 10 minutes. Before now, it could take hours before letting go.

Y'all should have an excellent June.

Quote of the day: Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Self control.

What I wanna write about is actually anger but think self control captures it better.

Now, a client came into the office and brought down the roof, yes, he had a right to be angry, we all do because we are human and it's a normal phenomenon. This man which I will represent as Mr. X embarrassed himself and what he stands to represent as far as I am concerned.

Mr. X's voice was louder than the noise from a petrol generator, he went on and on and refused to calm down, in fact a colleague attempted to calm him down and we could see a punch almost forming on his fist, we all had to step back, thats not all, Mr. X rained abuses and called us names, I just couldn't help feeling sorry for him and his wife too.

It's a very long story but I will just capture the relevant part of the drama. In my own opinion, I believe whoever cannot be calmed down when he/she is angry needs help. I strongly believe that there should be a limit to certain things, I personally can categorically testify that I am not proud of some things my anger has caused me to do and say. Once that word goes out of your mouth, it cannot be taken back!

Also, whoever has not regretted any action taken in anger equally needs to be checked. Anger destroys things, people and eventually destroys us. 

Am reaching out to whomever is dealing with anger, knowing that it's a serious issue is a big step in solving the problem. Ask God for help, do the opposite of what you would normally do when you are angry and make deliberate attempts to let things go.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

All things are possible....

I was greatly encouraged yesterday.

Someone came to my office and we got talking, first about his children and then about his early years of marriage.

He told me that his wife didn't want to marry him because the doctor her that she couldn't bear children. She rejected the proposal to be his wife as she couldn't imagine not being able to bear him children.

He strongly believed in God and was convinced he will have children. Four months into their marriage, his wife conceived and gave birth to twins ( boy and girl). There is absolutely nothing impossible for God to do as long as we put our trust in Him.

I want to encourage everyone who is believing God for something, if He has said it, it will surely come to pass.

Be encouraged, all things are possible!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Its a beautiful day outside!

The topic is the title of a song by lighthouse family.

I have observed that i get angry too frequently, i get upset very easily, and i have terrible mood swings. This is not me and i refuse to be an angry person. Life and death lies in the power of the tongue so when things are going wrong, I shall make positive confessions ONLY!

That said, i feel i am in another season of my life. I just took a bold step to do something that has kind of scared me overtime and am glad am doing it. The Lord is my strength...

Its a wet saturday, am working and it is a beautiful day outside.

Y'all should enjoy the weekend....monday is almost here again!!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Random (2)

It feels like i have been away for soooo long. Work has been very hectic as usual so i have not had so much time to write.

The sad part of not blogging for a long time is that there is always so much much to say but events and more events would overtake the gist and then finding a place to start from becomes super difficult...

So many things have happened, big brother yes! purging Toskin yes! I purged my stomach out on Sunday morning, managed to go to church and it still continued, the a/c in the church toilet was what gave me the courage to attend the service just incase there was an emergency and yes, there was! cut the long story short thank God i am much better, am also thankful to bee, chilli, awa and my cuz. Awon doctors toh badt!

Back to church, the service was awesome, i was very glad i made it, the message was mind blowing, all i can say is "Men ought always to pray and not to faint", thats is the summary of the preaching.

Big brother is indeed amplified, nominations have begun, the house has been divided into heads and tails and the drama has started. I don't know if i have a favorite housemate yet but i think Lomwe is cool and am glad Lohan made it to the head's house.

Love muchos!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Big Brother Amplified!

Its no news that i love watching Tv. Big brother is starting on the 1st May 2011 and i am excited. They are starting pretty early this year which makes me wonder if there will be a part 2 towards the end of the year.

There are 14 housemates as usual, 8 of which are girls, a girl is representing nigeria this time around and i hope the show will be as interesting as Big brother all stars......i know the chances are very slim.

Now i have to compulsorily upgrade my subscription, don't ask how much i was paying before.

Happy workers days in advance!


The Wedding Royale...

I am so excited about this wedding, yes its halfway over but am still excited. I have been so interested and highly anticipating the wedding since the beginning of the month. Congratulations to the Prince and the Princess of wales.

Reading about the british monarchy has been very interesting, a royalty being allowed to marry a commoner indicates to me that anything can happen and nothing is impossible. The part that excites me most is how Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. Her grandfather had two sons, her uncle and her father. Her uncle was elder and of course succeeded her grandfather when he died. He was still single when he was crowned king and when he finally decided to get married, he fell in love with a divorced socialite which of course was unacceptable except her forfeited the throne.

That was exactly what he did, he gave up the throne for the queen's father and the queen became the heir presumptive and that was how the she became second in line heir to the throne. This makes me wonder that what if her uncle had married a royalty and had children? She wouldnt have been queen and now she is and we all know the rest of the story.

Now, i couldnt watch this royal wedding like many other people because i was at work, i followed bbc online and i have been getting updates. Luckily, there is a dinner in the evening so hopefully i would meet that when i get home. It was a fairy tale wedding and i wish the couple the best in life.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

An Easter to remember...

I have finally been baptised.

I am glad most especially because it happened on a very remarkable day, Easter sunday. It is very significant with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Before I begin explaining the process, I shall bore you with the hurdle of getting to church. I drove all the way from the mainland, my brother wasn't around and so I was on my own, mum volunteered to come with me and I knew that meant I couldn't speed like unwanted so I told her not to bother. I sped like James bond. I recall checking how long it would take me to get to adeniji adele from 7up and it took me just 11 minutes.

I wanted to meet up with the part of those who celebrated their birthdays during the week so the church would pray for us. As soon as I got to church, that was the announcement being made and I was excited that my speeding was not a waste after all.

Back to the baptism, I alongside the others were baptised in a pool. We were immersed backwards for 3 secs and that was it. The immersion represents the death and being raised represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and when it got to my turn, there was a White dove and a voice saying "this is my beloved daughter with whom I am well pleased".

That's the story of my baptism.

Our beloved ones...

We might have lost one person very dear and significant to us, death is inevitable. We all will die, and I am not trying to scare anyone but truth is that life is very short. 

I remember loosing my dad, and I never would have believed if anyone had told me that he wouldn't see his grandchildren, but he didn't, he is gone. For me I have been reflecting about people who have died, this season is really about reflection.

Another person who came to my mind is dagrin, a very young guy whose career had just begun but was snatched by the cold hands of death, I didn't know about him when he was alive but after he died, I listened to his songs and I realise he was very talented, he was the best lyricist the entertainment industry had, in my own opinion. But he is gone, it's a year now but his work still lives on.

Also a colleagues brother who is also a friend passed on last December, his death was so painful, very painful. I couldnt believe it when I heard, it's a different thing entirely when someone you personally know dies. His death was very sad.

Just recently, another person in the entertainment industry passed away, Ashley Nwosu, he was an actor and a very popular face in nollywood. According to sources, I heard that he was critically ill before he passed on.

I could go on and on and on, the truth never changes, life is short and  death doesn't say when it's coming, it doesn't. I implore everyone to live each day like it is the last and always pray, for yourself, your family, your friends, colleagues and everyone you know, prayer has saved lives and it will continue to save lives.


Happy Easter!

Easter in my own understanding is the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because he resurrected and he is alive, we have hope and our faith is not in vain. In the Anglican church, we would say, Christ has died, Christ I risen, Christ will come again. Like my pastor says, it's a time when we reflect on our life and appropriate Christ's death and our christian walk as Jesus is the reason for the season.

I love Easter because it is a time of remembrance of Gods love for us even when we forget, he was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities and nailed to the cross. A lot of hymns come to my mind, one of which is "when I survey the wondrous cross", "the old rugged cross", any hymn which talks about the cross. I love hymns, and I must confess is one of the things I have missed about the Anglican church, I shall be married in an Anglican church by God's grace, I don't think I can trade it for anything in the world.

Let's celebrate easter with the death and resurrection of Jesus at the back of our minds.

Happy Easter people, Jesus is alive!!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Birthday girl

No one knows how much I love birthdays with or without parties. You should see my childhood pictures. This year's birthday was fantastic, I had a very good one and I enjoyed every bit of it.

The day started with phone calls as usual and a zillion facebook messages and seriously am not exaggerating. I really thank God for surrounding me with very beautiful and wonderful people, I am indeed blessed. More than 80 percent of my friends used my picture as their dp on bbm...I really felt honoured. God will honour you guys!

Work was great, my colleagues sang and prayed for me, everyone said I looked good....was looking very hot, had a birthday makeover and looked very brand new. Lunch was on me with no drinks inclusive...yes o, sugar is bad!

Rounded off at mercy place for mid-week service and got back home to meet a very beautiful cake courtesy Chy. It was quite eventful and am very grateful to God for adding another year to my life. I give Him all the glory.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I dedicate this post to my dear friend...... Sere.

This young lady just added another degree to her name, she bagged a Ph.D last week. Being proud of her is an understatement, i was over-joyous when she updated her status on bbm and i knew the news already.

She is one of the very few friends who attended same secondary school with me and still holds a very special place in my heart even though we are miles apart. While in school, we weren't always together because we were in different classes, but the bond was always there...don't get me wrong, we are 100% straight.

I remember crying so much the night she was travelling to the US, it felt like my world was coming to an end, i was sad for a whole week. I thought i was never gonna see her again....

I have seen and spoken to her so many times after that and when i remember that night she was travelled, i laugh at myself.

I raise a toast to you Sere, and i pray that God almighty perfects everything that concerns you and also that He disregards our "yeye" dreams that we both have but surprise us beyond our expectations.

Much love sis.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dream on...

I have been having very weird dreams. I have dreamt about so many things these past few days. First, i had a dream about my close friend getting married without informing me. I went visiting her that day and realized she just got married. She looked so much like Kim kardashian in the dream. After i settled in, she got herself something to eat and didn't offer me anything, i was quite disappointed and confronted her in the dream, thats the last i can remember. The night before, i watched "keeping up with the kardashians". Imagine!!!

Secondly, i watched this nollywood movie based on recommendation, infact i had to buy the movie, because i was certain i won't get to watch it on Africa magic until 2013. The movie was about a womanizer becoming a manizer, am being careful with my words here, i hope you all understand.

I had very nasty dreams the night i watched the movie, and i am glad i can't remember the details. This has made me realize that there is a high tendency for me to dream about anything i watch before bed time.

I must confess that am glad that i have an explanation for this weird dreams otherwise, i would have freaked out!!!


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My daily routine.

I have two alarms, one rings at 5.30am while the other one rings at 6am. Most times, i stick to 6am, cos in a funny way, the sleep always get sweeter at 5.30.

I say my morning prayers and get out of bed. I shower get dressed and am ready to go. I get to work, we say our prayers and i log in to youtube and search for my songs for the day. Today's search was: Obey, Lucky Dube and Eric Donaldson. Youtube is the only way i get to listen to music and my computer has stopped playing cd's.

I always have lunch between 12pm and 2pm and depending on what i eat i might stop being productive. Work continues and i start looking forward to 5.30pm.

I close from work, get home, go jogging if i feel guilty, go to church if there is a service, or watch E! or Africa Magic till i fall asleep.

That is how my day goes and it is NOT boring!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


I don't feel so well but i have got good news to share. My friend & colleague put to bed this morning. I was ecstatic when i heard the news, am really very happy for her, everyone is, and we give God all the glory.

Now sad news, a uk pastor that i liked so much, i remember always watching him on tv years back and never used to miss his programme is being jailed for sexually assaulting teenage boys!!! The news is so unbelievable, i was in shock when i read the news and almost passed out when i saw his picture to actually confirm his identity. Wonders will never end!!!

So am gonna be baptized on sunday and i am scared already, not that am so afraid of water, its just that the whole process of dipping my head in water just makes it look like am gonna drown and i am seriously praying not to be the first person to be immersed, that way, i would have gained more confidence.

5.30pm on my mind.


Thursday, 31 March 2011


Am sure we all know that its no longer news that Genesis Deluxe Cinemas have their highest sales on Wednesdays. Yes, i am one of the very many people that patronize them only on Wednesdays and i no get shame.

The funny thing is that there are always so many people at the cinema on Wednesdays including working class dudes and chics and nobody is bothered about what anybody thinks, thats one of the traits i love about Nigerians...We don't send!!!

Who won't grab the opportunity of watching a movie at less than half of the price? Sometimes sef, i wish i still had my School Id so i can pay less, and am not ijebu!!!

So i went to see a movie with my colleagues and it was fun all the way, halfway into the movie, PHCN struck and we were in darkness for like 5mins. It was 5 mins of comedy galore......

Infact when we got there we met more of our colleagues, thats the extent at which Nigerians love awuff.

The good thing is that this type of awuff no dey run belle!!!


The election is starting on Saturday and from what i heard there won't be movement till later in the evening.

Am very glad cos what that simply means is that am having Saturday all to myself and i plan to sleep, clean, wash, cook..... the list is endless.

I am anticipating to have a "me" time so much and hopefully i will go out to cast my vote.

Truth is, am most interested in the gubernatorial and presidential elections and i hear that is next and upper week end. I shall cast my vote and not "Blezz my hand on the umblerra"

The week has been pretty hectic but it keeps getting better.


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nigerian Idol (2)

Now that Nigerian Idol is over, am wondering what the next talent show will be. I have actually been seeing an ad on Nigerians got talent. Am very sure the auditioning will be hilarious, those are the things i enjoy watching, trust me Nigerians are very funny people.

So yes, the best singer didn't win but the best entertainer won. I think Nigerians generally love to be entertained irrespective of what is being delivered. Yeka, wasn't fantastic when she auditioned for the show, but she obviously improved and impressed everyone. Naomi on the other hand was always on point, her voice was sonorous and the judges always complimented her and the audience always applauded her.

Yeka worked on herself and showed everyone that she has got talent and swagger and she went for it. She was so shocked when her name was announced because she felt Naomi deserved it. A hearty congratulations to you Yeka, Keep up the good job and hope to hear your songs very soon.


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Dbanj Iscariot!!!

My dear readers, hope you all are good? I have been pretty busy myself and have not had time to blog. Its been a very hectic week i must confess.

There are so many things i have been wanting to write about but i couldnt due to work and its kinda stale now sef but i shall still talk the talk....

The first one is about the upcoming elections. The real story is about the interview between Dbanj and GEJ. Just this morning i read about Eldee'S comment on the interview. In my opinion, i really cannot fault Dbanj, the young man is an entertainer and has obviously become the president's boy, he has performed at Mr. President campaigns and numerous dinner organized by PDP. So why would he refuse to grant Mr. President an interview? Its actually GEJ am disappointed in, whoever advised him to come up with that CRAP must really think we are retarded....

And yes, i can't forget Prof Wole Soyinka's statement about the set of people that will vote for PDP.
"Only 4 sets of people can vote for the PDP: (1) those who are intellectually blind; (2) those who are blinded by ethnicity; (3) those who are blinded by corruption and therefore afraid of the unknown, should power change hands; and finally (4) those who are suffering from a combination of the above terminal sicknesses.”

Please people, Don't plezz ya hand on the umblerra!!!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Bollywood Syndrome

I have been playing indian songs on youtube since monday, it really does bring back good memories. We so much loved indian movies when i was growing up, my mum infected everyone with the syndrome. The indian movies we had were countless back then it was on VHS and we watched indian movies everyday.

Apart from being infected by my mom, i grew up to like it too, my brother and i would sing all the songs as though we were indians. My favorite ones then were; Dharaam veer, Amar, Akbar Anthony, Yeh vaada raha, The burning train, Kalia, Mad, Yeh Nazdikiyan, Disco dancer, Hero, thats as far as i can remember. I really loved their songs, i loved the horses, i loved the sari, i loved their dance steps.

The new generation indian movies cannot be compared to my darling old ones, the movies i listed were produced in the 80's and i would give anything to have them back. I can't seem to connect with the new generation like i did with the very old ones.

Really would love to visit india someday and who knows, i might meet Amitabh Baachan.


Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I am not really into politics but I am very interested in the upcoming elections, I think maybe its because its my first time, I have never registered or voted before now and am sure its not just me, everyone I know is as interested as I am.

I have come to realize that my vote counts and even if my candidate does not win, I would be happy that I made my impact on my society but BRF had better win the gubernatorial o! Now I know who am voting as my president and I hope everyone has decided? I shall cast my vote for Buhari/Bakare and yes, the only thing I know about them is that Buhari was one a president during the military era and Pastor Tunde Bakare is the Founding Pastor of Latter rain assembly.

So why are my voting for them? I’m not gonna lie, for me , it just feels like the right thing to do, it could be that I am attaching sentiments because Pastor Tunde Bakare is a man of God . But am sure that I want PDP out.

Mr. President has never impressed me and sometimes I wonder why he wants to rule this nation for another four years, as far as I am concerned, he hasn’t done anything remarkable since he became president. How can he see nothing wrong in the First Lady’s grammatical blunders? That just reflects that he does not pay attention to little details in his immediate family and there is nothing more that pisses me off!!!

The campaign advert on TV is more annoying, so everyone is now Jonathan Goodluck? He has again chosen to capitalise on sentiments because I do not understand the reason why he would show off poor kids singing his praises, who doesn’t know that they are just kids who would sing anything on the sight of biscuit and sweet? He should come up with something credible for once, isi ginni?, all that does not werk for me and my name is not Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Period!!!

Let us vote for a change!!!

Vote BB

Pigs & Piglets!

Its kinda sad that I can’t write as much as I want to, work just seems to be taking all my time but am not complaining… thankful to God that I have a job. Blogging never start to dey pay my bills!
I spent the greater part of my weekend with pigs. Yes pigs!!! It was my first time and to my utmost surprise, it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. I visited a pen for the first time and was I scared? NO.

Like a lot of people would have expected, I zeroed my mind and thought I would throw up and just end up embarrassing myself, but none of that happened, I had fun.

Pigs are not as dirty as we all think. I expected them to be very filthy but that’s not what I saw, I saw beautiful creatures, God is really very creative. The piglets are even more beautiful, they are adorable creatures. The way they keep their heads up and they make this funny sound with their snout is really very cool. I went with my mom and I had an interesting tour. I discovered that pigs need water as much as a fish does, and they eat non-stop.

My visit to the pen has made me realize that things are not always as bad as we think they are, just like me, am sure a lot of people out there think that pigs are absolutely dirty, especially because we equate dirty people with pigs. But I am really very glad I went on that tour because am more enlightened about them.

And yes, Pig business is serious business.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Money! Money!! Money!!!

Hey people! Its been a very busy week mehn, i saw it coming anyways but i have missed sweetiliving. The good thing about being so busy is that the day ends very fast and right now, i have so many things in my head right now and i don't know how to start.

So yes, i had a talk with a friend about lending money to people, i think it is a good thing to help people in times of need. I have had experiences in the past relating to this issue and i think it is time be wise.

My personal opinion is that you should not lend somebody an amount you cannot part with, i stand to be corrected though, its just my opinion. But really, what can you do if the person doesn't pay back? Nothing! We all know that people can be very funny because it is at the time when they have promised to pay back that your calls will be avoided and your text messages won't be acknowledged and to top it, they give you an attitude. Courtesy here should imply that you should at least inform the good samaritan if repayment will be delayed.

Infact, i try not to lend money to people who i won't be able to ask when it falls due! yes o, i can't shout.

I would advise that we use our discretion because some people would just want to take advantage of you and play emotional which a lot of people fall for including me.

Anf if u really must help, make sure its an amount you can part with so you heart won't be broken. (Its just in case)

Monday, 7 March 2011

Beautiful imperfection

Hello people, am feeling very energetic this morning and i think its because i just had a bottle of sprite.....thats my substitute for water presently until someone comes up with a better idea.

I know the title of the blog sounds familiar, yeah yeah, its the title of Asa's album. Its just a mere coincidence, am not analysing her album...its a beautiful piece though.

I have come to realize that we all have shortcomings in different areas of our life, meaning that we are not 100% perfect in all we do. My pastor usually says that its bad to judge someone's weakness in your areas of strength and that is very TRUE. Your weakness could be anything; i have a friend who does not have a clue about dancing, infact he doesn't seem to understand the rhythm of a song, he just dances the way he understands and if dare watch him, you sef go miss your steps. I have another friend whose weakness is lying, He doesn't lie deliberately, infact most times he jokes about it but now it has become so real and its very difficult for him to deal with it. These are just a few examples, some people procrastinate, some oversleep, some over-eat, the list is endless mehn....

There is something beautiful and special about everybody though we all have our weaknesses, we should identify and develop our strengths. I have been cracking my head since yesterday trying to identify my weaknesses and i came up with a few which i have started working on.

My new year resolution is always constant and it is to be a better person, year in year out, i think every other resolution is encompassed around being a better person.

Don't let your weaknesses weigh you down, work on them especially if they are not in accordance with the word of God.


Saturday, 5 March 2011


Thoughts of Ayodele lingered in my mind this morning, as i remembered the times we spent together i just smiled to myself. I really miss him, i seriously do. Going down memory lane, i remember his love for pounded yam, that was his favorite food, whateva soup accompanied it did not matter to him. He also never joked with his meat, he loved bokoto and shaki with a passion!

He never took his family for granted, we were always number one on his list of priorities. He loved us and sure did a good job showing it. He made sure my brother and i had Ayo attached to our middle name and i am so glad he did because i am living my name and my joy has never and shall never cease in Jesus name.

I also remember his driving skills, chei, anyone who fell into his trap was a gunner. I loved going out with him so i found his driving quite exciting. He would overtake more than two cars at a time and would never, and i mean never allow any car to get in front of him. I used to hail him a lot in my mind. Gosh, i always enjoyed the ride with him especially if he was going to Victoria Island, I loved to see shopping malls, beautiful cars infact i was always looking outside the window. Thats not all, going out with him attracted nothing less than a meatpie from Mr. Biggs.

He believed in all werk and no play, i remember he hired lesson teachers for us from time to time, it was books all the way, the only time my brother and i could confidently watch t.v was when he was not home and as soon as we hear his car horn, we will immediately turn off the t.v and dash to our rooms.

God bless his soul, he never liked to see me around boys, infact i never slept outside our home until i gained admission into the university. No sleepovers rara....He was overly protective and i dare not talk to a boy if he was around. He would discipline me, thats his translation for "you are in trouble".

Sometimes, i imagine what life would have been if he was still around, i think about that a lot. Sometimes when i find myself doing some things, i remind myself that i wouldn't have dared it if he was around....its a kind of check and balance for me and so far so good, i think i have made him proud, yes o!!!

Love u dad...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bury yourself daily.......

This was a statement my Pastor made in church on sunday and hey, it doesn't imply suicide. It simply means that we should bury our flesh on a daily basis. The flesh and spirit are are constant war against themselves; the flesh makes us disobey the things of the spirit. The bible says that God is a spirit and we must worship him in spirit and in truth, this implies that our flesh restricts us from worshipping God the way He wants us to.

Burying our flesh daily means that we must nail it to the cross for it to experience the excruciating pains Jesus paid for our sins. It means laying aside every sin that easily besets us, It means to be christlike in every way and manner, It means thinking before acting and imagining Christ in that situation, It means taking the focus off ourselves and looking up to God the author and finisher of our faith, It means letting go of offenses, abuses, grievances, hatred, unforgiveness and every thing contrary to the fruits of the spirit.

Let us cling to the old rugged cross and exchange it someday for a crown.......thats my song of the day, God bless you George Bennard!


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Excitement galore

May God bless mama Tosin, this prayer is coming from the depth of my heart, can i hear an amen? Ok, may God bless our mothers, am sure the amen this time around is more resounding. May God bless her real good. Usually at the beginning of every month, she calls me very early in the morning and prays for me over the phone, isn't that a wonderful way to start the month? I only hope she doesn't stop when Mr. R comes around...I really hope it doesn't stop o because i no go gree!

Am very excited this month and i am anticipating many miracles, really trusting God for some awesome things. My excitement doesn't end here, my church is having another edition of Woman Cry out in Lekki Pennisular Hotel and i also have a wedding in Alausa both on the same day!!! I honestly don't know how i will merge the two events because it is very compulsory i attend both.

Today is also Daddy G.O'S birthday (Pastor Adeboye), i pray God continues to strengthen him and grant him many more years, Daddy G.O has been and is still a blessing to our nation. And finally, my friend and sister travelled and she'll be gone for 3 weeks, missing her already, i really wished we were travelling together, we would have made jest of everything and anything, honestly, thats how i felt before my cousin confirmed that it is the feeling you get when you see a loved one off to MM1. Ok, Tosin, first things first, get yourself an international passport biko!!!

So yes am back in the office and all i want right now is FOOD!!!

Monday, 28 February 2011

God's Money!!!

I believe that everything that i have and that i am belongs to God, absolutely everything!!! The only way we can show appreciation is by thanking God and keeping his word. The bible in Malachi 3:8-10 talks about paying our tithes and offerings and that not doing so implies that we are robbing God.

Our tithe is 10% of our income. You can give higher than that to God. I believe it takes someone with great faith and a deep understanding of God's word to do so. I know that there are times when we calculate our budget and tithe is last on the list and sometimes we push it forward to the following month because there are so many expenses. I am honestly speaking from experience and am sure it must have happened to some of us.

Our tithe should be treated with utmost respect for God, It is a covenant with God even though you give it in your church. When i was much younger i used to wonder if God will appear in the night and take the tithe from the church to heaven. But now i have come to understand that God does not need our money! For crying out loud, the streets of heaven are lined with gold, he created the heaven and the earth with his hands so what does he need from us that he doesn't already have?

God wants us to keep to his word and and also to be obedient to his commandments. So if you are reading this blog and you have not been paying your tithe, or you pay anything less than 10%, its not too late to change your ways. There is always a reward for obedience as well as disobedience....


Friday, 25 February 2011


The title is not exactly what you are thinking. Hipsy is a colleague's nickname, i rechristened him and yes, its a guy!!! He is one of the very many people who think am very razz so now its PAY BACK time. I have been yabbing him for some time now because for some funny reason, his hips have been growing wider and he is starting to compete with me.....maka ginni?

So he shares this experience with us in the office. He used to love swimming but quit after an ordeal he had in a swimming pool. He was sexually harrased by a guy in the pool and when he described the scenario, we laughed till we dropped. But seriously, for the love of God, How does such things happen? The last i remember in physics is that unlike poles attract while like poles repel because me i still no understand the chemistry that takes place between like poles. We are obviously in the endtimes because all the stories we hear and things we see are some of the signs described in the bible.

As you all know, my last paragraph is always a word of advise and this time i would please implore us all to be vigilant and careful.

May God help us.

Why are we here?

This is a question i constantly ask myself, why am i here? Do we really know why were are where we are? Why are we in that situation? why are we in that company? why are we in that school? why are we in that church? I believe there is a purpose behind any situation we may find ourselves. Open heavens today was about provoked famine. It was about a famine in Isreal which King David thought was normal, the famine continued for three years and it was not until he sought God's face that he knew the reason.

I have learnt today that when things begin to go wrong with me, i should seek God's face, There is always a reason behind every situation, things doesn't just happen accidentally. You might have that job because God wants you to learn something you would need later in life. You might be in that church because there is a blessing God has in store for you there!

One thing i know for sure is that God has answers to every question we have, all we need do is seek his face and He is always ready to answer us. He knows the number of strands of hair we have on our head, so tell me WHAT DOESN'T HE KNOW???

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sanjo Morgan

Sanjo is a 10year old boy, He is a Yoruba but am guessing he is a Lagosian, very bright kid i must confess. He is in primary 6 preparing to start secondary school. Tuesday was my first time of meeting him, He came to my office to advertise a raffle draw his school was organizing and there he was convincing me to by a ticket. In his words he said " You have a chance of winning a return ticket to London". You needed to hear him say that sentence..... see oyinbo!!! I enjoyed every minute of the conversation we had. He was so eloquent and confident in himself unlike me wey almost get heart attack while giving a testimony on sunday .

I also had a good primary education, yeah yeah, we all did, but as the scripture says, by their fruits you shall know them.

I was really very impressed and so i introduced him to my colleagues and he started his speech all over again, the chics in my office were mesmerized just like i was. He swept us off our feet sotay we all emptied our purses and wallets to buy his tickets.

I would just like to say here that there is nothing as good as having the right foundation and NOTHING can be compared to quality education. Though u may sow in tears, you will definately reap in joy.

Sanjo Morgan, It was a pleasure meeting you.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mama put.

The importance of food in our country or nation as a whole cannot be overemphasized. We Nigerians do not joke with our belle, as the saying goes a hungry man is an angry man.....the truth that lies in that statement cannot be imagined.

Because of our busy schedules, we all tend to eat whatever is available and am sure am speaking the minds of very busy people. A nutritionist would advise that breakfast is the most important meal and should not be skipped but honestly, how many people really have breakfast? Our schedule doesn't even permit us to, we wake up at dusk to get ready for work and also to beat Lagos traffic, so tell me, which kain human being will eat that early? Yes, there is also an option of taking your breakfast to work and eating it later that morning but will work permit us to? Most people have their first meal between 11am and 12noon and trust me, no-one will be in the mood to eat the toast or sandwiches they have, at that time na solid food the body dey find.

Its so bad some people don't even have the time to eat during working hours and thats what has lead them to eat all sorts of junk in traffic ranging from gala, meatie, chips and all forms of carbonated drinks.

A friend of mine called me today and mentioned more than five mama put that he visits on the regular. In Nigeria, the nature of our job sef makes us eat anywhere and everywhere. Like he said, mama put doesn't purge instead its the glorified mama put's (restaurant & eatries) that purge a lot of us.

Am trying to think of an advise here and what comes to my mind is detoxification, i will strongly encourage everyone to detoxify their digestive system regularly.

The importance of exercising also cannot be over-empahsized. Remember, the more you eat, the more work you have to do.....


Nigerian Idols....

Over the weekend specifically on sunday i watched Nigerian Idols. I didn't follow the show from the beginning but now it has become very interesting and competitive and there are only seven contestants left in the competition.

I must confess that i found sunday's episode very interesting. The contestants sang different songs by Micheal Jackson and i was really impressed. Because of my love for music, av come to love musical inclined shows. Three of the contestants who got my full attention were Naomi, Alex and Bibi, they sang Heal the world, you are not alone and speechless respectively. Naomi Mac's performance was breathtaking, gosh, i wish i could sing like her she has got what it takes and honestly, this chic really inspires me.

I think the show is not bad, am impressed though we all know its an imitation of American Idols but really, Kinni big deal? What don't we imitate? We are proud imitators jare!

The only BUT i have is Yinka Davies, She tends to over-do things a lot and i always mute my tv anytime she has anything to say, abeg, she has her freedom of speech but na me get my TELLY....

Really want you guys to try and watch it, Its 9pm on Stv every sunday.

Lemme know what you think about it.

Nothing but the truth!!!

There are things i would like to share today and believe me, its nothing but the truth:

1. I don't enjoy driving long distances. Don't get me wrong, i drive long distances when av got no choice but i don't enjoy it one bit.

2. I don't have an international passport. Well what this means is that i have never gone out of the shores of Nigeria ,ok, the farthest i have gone is Yobe all thanks to NYSC! It is shameful i don't have one and thats the power procastination has over people, You never get things done!!!

3. I don't like water. Yes i know its bad, i have been trying my best to like it but its soooo hard now because my sweet tooth has destroyed my taste buds to the extent that water tastes very bitter.

4. I love good music. I can't enumerate all that music does to me. When a song i love is being played, the atmosphere for me changes.

5. I love dancing. Am not a quarter as good as Kaffi but i sha love to dance and don't worry i dance to the rhythm.

6. We are all familiar with the fact that i love watching tv, but am repeating myself again, I love tv, u all know my favorite channel.

7. I love my job. I love everything about it, the challenges, the angry clients and everything it entails. It makes each day interesting!

8. I love puff-puff, its a sunday routine now and of course i jog it out. If i must eat the food, then i must be ready to do the WORK!!!

9. I don't listen to the radio, i know its bad but i'ld rather play my favourite music while driving than listening to the radio. So if anyone is sending me a request on radio, biko call me so u'ld be sure i'ld hear it...

10. I love cars o, I love very good cars, from BMW, Mercedez, Chevrolet, Cayenne, Durango, Escalade, avalanche...the list is endless and just in case Mr.R is reading, these cars no be criteria o!!!

11. I am in love with horror movies,it is the only kind of movie you can guarantee i'll watch without dozing off.

12. I don't follow sports be it soccer, tennis, basket ball. I tried being a chelsea fan once due to the pressure of loving a football club but it turned out that i took a match we lost very personal and i ended up being depressed for days. I made up my mind after then that mo sports for me, notwithstanding, i shall support whichever club Mr. right loves.

13. I influence my friends with my addictions, this happens all the time and many of them can testify. You must love my kind of wine, food, tv programmes.....the list is endless! Even my mom has become a victim...hehehehe

14. Finally, i love my church. Don't mind that its last on the list, i just saved the best for the last. The minute i step into Mercyplace, I become so happy, you would think i just won a lotto. I love to be in God's presence, I don't experience that joy anywhere else.

Have a a fantastic day people.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Omo yoruba ni mi o!

My friends often wonder what I love about Africa Magic yoruba, infact they yab me and call me a razz chic. The truth is that me, I no send and as a matter of fact I find the movies very entertaining and some of them extremely hilarious. I am a tv person and i can vividly remember that back in those days i never missed my favorite soap opera's; maria delos angeles, the rich also cry, secrets of the sand and every other soap you can think of!

I really love watching tv, I remember how i used to mobilize my friends every sunday and make sure everyone is seated by 6pm to watch Big Brother All stars eviction. I influenced even those that thought the show was extremely stupid, yes, av got such powers!!!

Back to my dear Africa Magic Yoruba,I just really enjoy watching the movies, their acting skills, bombshells, make-ups, dress sense make me laugh out loud!!! I often avoid those that have too many herbalist scenes, I don't even go close to them at all. Recently I watched Omo ghetto, I honestly cannot recall the number of times I re-played that movie. Hilarious is an understatement, it was off the hook, the characters are nothing to be compared with and their slangs OMG!!! Am not sure am forgetting them anytime soon and i am NOT proud to say that I know the lines in that movie word for word.

I hope i don't get more yabs becos of this blog, remember am expressing myself.....thats the whole idea!!!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Eko o ni baje!!!

In the upcoming elections, the only thing am sure of is voting for Babatunde Raji Fashola. I don't even know any candidate running for Governor asides him in Lagos and i will strongly advise them to invest their money on other businesses because Lagosians are re-electing BRF and yes, am speaking the minds of more than 80% Lagosians!

Seriously, why won't i re-elect him? He is the only Governor i have known who knows that there is a place called Iju in Lagos. Who wouldn't be grateful for the construction being carried out on that road, That road has caused its residents lots of money to change tyres and Shock absorbers. The potholes were innumerable which left the road hardly motorable.

BRF has put a smile on the faces of those who ply that route on the regular and to think of the fact that it isnt even completed yet, who would risk wasting his/her votes on an aspirant who would want to start a fresh project and abandon what the former Governor started??? Ko jor!

As for presidency, am trusting God to give us the president that will be profitable to our nation. GEJ has not impressed me so far as i am concerned all he has been doing is translating his first name like we don't all know the meaning.

So my Lagos people, lets vote for BRF if not for any reason but for the sake of the completion of Iju road.


My proclaimed ADDICTION....

I was inspired by a client recently. She is a grandmum in her 50's and she looks 30. I actually saw her reading a book and i asked if she was a nutritionist and she said no, that she just loves to read about health and further said that she loves to exercise. I could not believe my ears. A grandmum @ 50? You need to see her, she is slim and very athletic, she further said that she swims twice a week and jogs everyday. She mostly feeds on fruits and vegetables and i wasn't surprised cos her skin was glowing.

I became inspired because gosh am far younger than she is and she is done having kids and still looks that good. I have determined (so help me God) to exercise as often as i can and to always be in shape.

I don't wanna look 80 when am 40 (God forbid) and so a determined to do whatever it takes to keep fit. So now i have started jogging, infact the more i eat, the more distance i must cover while jogging. Yes, thats the rule!!!

I would advise everyone to keep fit and eat healthily. Our body really doesn't require the large meals we consume most of the time. We should make it a point of duty to be healthy and Fit.

Exercise must become my ADDICTION!!!

Super weekend!!!

I kind of had a feast this weekend. I had this urge to cook a delicacy which i prepared on saturday evening. A very good way of starting the weekend abi?
Everyone thought i was expecting a guest...for where? There are just times you would want to give yourself a treat within the confines of your home which is what i did, there was enough to go round anyway cause i love to feed people.

Sunday was amazing, first the message was right on point...Pastor B did justice to the message, it was basically about how we Christians conduct ourselves and why we do the things we do emphasizing the fact that we must do what God wants us to do and not what we want to do and because he is God who knows the end from the beginning and knows the beginning from the end.

Also, i gave a testimony.....mehn,for a second i thought my heart was gonna jump out of my chest. It was not until i held the mic that my confidence returned.....Thank God!

The weekend ended with me watching Nigerian Idols, and by the way Naomi Mac inspires me....Really hope she wins.


Saturday, 19 February 2011

patience: a virtue

You'll won't believe am at work today,its not that ama workaholic o, duty just calls. The event that happened today has made me once again realise that patience is a virtue. I am naturally a very patient person, i take things easy and slowly except the situation is extreme.

Patience being one of the fruits of the spirit implies that God wants us to be patient. People often feel that a patient person will always be taken for granted but i disagree. It simply shows that you are wise and understand the laws of God.

I won't say am perfect but am working towards perfection and asking God to help me on a daily basis. Impatience has no advantage and does not provide solutions to problems instead it aggravate issues.

Choose wisely!

My heart has been mended!

Yesterday started pretty well and ended with me almost wanting to explode! I work in an office where am exposed to very angry clients and i meet them all the time..... I have actually gotten used to them and their rantings but yesterday was the height of it. I received an email from a woman who was asking if i and the rest of my team were out of our minds. Chei, i was angryyyyyyyy! i replied her of course.......was polite in a dangerous way and i was super confident that she would dare not reply.

Was still angry on my way home, then i played a song on my car tape (i never get cd player), its actually one of my favourite songs by MNC and it mended my heart, na so the anger disappear o.

Am actually glad that i have discovered a way to get out of my anger and i think y'all should try it out too.....Play one of your favourite songs and see what happens!

Friday, 18 February 2011

in the beginning....

Feels good to be here and most especially to have an avenue to express myself writing. Thats my reason for being here and i really hope i will inspire someone somehow.

Life and living is simply an avenue to think outside the box and discover what life is really about and of course enjoying each passing day. Reflecting on daily activities and discovering oneself and our achievables.

One of my favorite quotes is that if you can work hard, you can achieve it, not also forgetting that with God all things are possible.

Hope this doesn't sound so much like a presidential speech (lol). 

Here is my brief introduction.........there is so much more to life.

Lotsa love.