Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Random (2)

It feels like i have been away for soooo long. Work has been very hectic as usual so i have not had so much time to write.

The sad part of not blogging for a long time is that there is always so much much to say but events and more events would overtake the gist and then finding a place to start from becomes super difficult...

So many things have happened, big brother yes! purging Toskin yes! I purged my stomach out on Sunday morning, managed to go to church and it still continued, the a/c in the church toilet was what gave me the courage to attend the service just incase there was an emergency and yes, there was! Well.....to cut the long story short thank God i am much better, am also thankful to bee, chilli, awa and my cuz. Awon doctors toh badt!

Back to church, the service was awesome, i was very glad i made it, the message was mind blowing, all i can say is "Men ought always to pray and not to faint", thats is the summary of the preaching.

Big brother is indeed amplified, nominations have begun, the house has been divided into heads and tails and the drama has started. I don't know if i have a favorite housemate yet but i think Lomwe is cool and am glad Lohan made it to the head's house.

Love muchos!

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