Monday, 15 August 2011


It was 5 years yesterday since Ayodele passed on.

Thinking back, it feels like yesterday. I was awakened by my mom's phone call yesterday morning. After speaking to her, i prayed and i thanked God for keeping my family thus far.

God has been very faithful, his steadfast love never ceases. I also testified in church about God's faithfulness (and as usual my heart almost popped out when it was my turn). I could see the sad look on people's faces as i was giving my testimony of the events that followed after Ayodele passed on.

The testimony was not to make people feel sorry for me or feel sad, it was more of a thanksgiving about how God has been there for my family. Growing up, i remember how attached i was to my dad and when he passed on, it felt as though my whole world had ended, my future looked bleak without him in it, but here i am today, God has put a smile on my face and filled the vacuum.

The rest of the service was awesome, may God bless Pastor Olu Banure, the sermon was fantastic! There is nothing as good as listening to an anointed preacher with a good sense of humor.

We miss you Ayodele....

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