Friday, 29 April 2011

The Wedding Royale...

I am so excited about this wedding, yes its halfway over but am still excited. I have been so interested and highly anticipating the wedding since the beginning of the month. Congratulations to the Prince and the Princess of wales.

Reading about the british monarchy has been very interesting, a royalty being allowed to marry a commoner indicates to me that anything can happen and nothing is impossible. The part that excites me most is how Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. Her grandfather had two sons, her uncle and her father. Her uncle was elder and of course succeeded her grandfather when he died. He was still single when he was crowned king and when he finally decided to get married, he fell in love with a divorced socialite which of course was unacceptable except her forfeited the throne.

That was exactly what he did, he gave up the throne for the queen's father and the queen became the heir presumptive and that was how the she became second in line heir to the throne. This makes me wonder that what if her uncle had married a royalty and had children? She wouldnt have been queen and now she is and we all know the rest of the story.

Now, i couldnt watch this royal wedding like many other people because i was at work, i followed bbc online and i have been getting updates. Luckily, there is a dinner in the evening so hopefully i would meet that when i get home. It was a fairy tale wedding and i wish the couple the best in life.

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