Thursday, 31 March 2011


Am sure we all know that its no longer news that Genesis Deluxe Cinemas have their highest sales on Wednesdays. Yes, i am one of the very many people that patronize them only on Wednesdays and i no get shame.

The funny thing is that there are always so many people at the cinema on Wednesdays including working class dudes and chics and nobody is bothered about what anybody thinks, thats one of the traits i love about Nigerians...We don't send!!!

Who won't grab the opportunity of watching a movie at less than half of the price? Sometimes sef, i wish i still had my School Id so i can pay less, and am not ijebu!!!

So i went to see a movie with my colleagues and it was fun all the way, halfway into the movie, PHCN struck and we were in darkness for like 5mins. It was 5 mins of comedy galore......

Infact when we got there we met more of our colleagues, thats the extent at which Nigerians love awuff.

The good thing is that this type of awuff no dey run belle!!!

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