Monday, 5 September 2011

The puff puff specialist.

It's no news that I love puff puff, so today I wanna be generous and teach whoever is interested how to make puff puff. So here it is!!!


Powdered nutmeg
Dry pepper (optional)

Mix the flour, sugar, yeast, dry pepper, and nutmeg in a bowl. Add water and mix until a smooth mixture is obtained. Cover the bowl and ensure it's airtight. Place in the sun or wherever there is heat so it rises.

Form into balls and fry in hot vegetable oil.

It's best served with a cold glass of orange juice/ berry blast or wild vines(merlot).

My number two menu is......

Barbeque chicken

Vegetable oil
Chilli pepper
Ground Ginger
Ground garlic
Black pepper
Barbecue spice

The chicken can be a whole chicken or any part of the chicken. Wipe out the moistness of the chicken with a table cloth. Place chicken in a bowl, add the vegetable oil first and the other ingredients and spices one after the order and marinate. You can marinate for an hour or more or even overnight.

Place chicken on the grill and turn the sides when necessary.

I can't give a time frame but I'll advise that is checked from time to time. When its done, it can be topped with a barbeque sauce (Optional).

I usually grill my chicken with my microwave, so if you have a microwave that can grill, u should try it.

Barbeque chicken is the healthiest type of chicken to eat because as the chicken is grilled, the fats and oil is extracted.

Those are the two menu's I have been very successful with.

Will dish out out more as I learn more.

P.S: I measure with my eyes and it has never disappointed me.

Anyone who has an excellent skill in making doughnuts should please holla!!!


  1. hmmm....i can testify that these 2 menus of your are delicious cos 'tasting is believing!' Thumbs up!

  2. yay!!as if u kno ive bn lookin for these recipes! i can surely testify to the barbecue recipe ;) thanks babes! (hope ds comment finally goes thru)