Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My worst fear!

Hi people, i'm back again with my dakudaji moves. I want to say a big thank you to the people who commented in my 2nd to the
last post, you guys are amazing!

I made a painful decision about my hair, i visited a barber's shop and the rest is history.

I think its was best to grow my hair all over again,my receeding hairline was becoming catastrophic.

It was a very tough decision and i tried not to tell so many people my plans cause i didn't want anyone to discourage me, no on would have been able to anyway because my mind was already made up.

Here is a picture of my hair, my boss thinks i look like Fidho Didho.

Infact i have many nicknames now but i really do not mind,i did what is best for my hair, and now i can confidently say its growing.

Sometimes what we fear so much maybe what we really need.

I'm enjoying my low cut and rocking it like there is no tomorrow. If u see a sister wearing a punk, do not hesistate to holla!