Friday, 13 September 2013

8 months!

Married life has been an amazing experience for me, it has been very sweet so far so good and i am grateful to God for how far he has brought us. I haven't really blogged about married life because my TK discovered my blog and bookmarked so it was kind of difficult writing about personal stuffs not because he asked me not to, i just wasn't sure if i was ready to go that route but i have good news, now i am readyyy!!!

It was eight months yesterday since we got married and it has not been easy but it has been worth it. TK and i were married but living single for a few months after we got married, it was a challenge not getting to be with each other like newly married couple should be after marriage. We made up for it and exhausted all the means of communication but you all know that  "if it is not panadol, it is not the same thing as panadol". People did not even help matters, there was never a day that i didn't hear questions like "Ehen, so what are your plans"?, "When are you going to join him"? "When is he coming to join you"?, "Do quick o"? "How are you coping"?, "Are you sure he is not cheating on you"? and so on. I got tired of answering those questions so i came up with an automated response which was "You will know when the time comes" or i could say "Very soon" depending on the tone of the question. But today, my story has changed and with Jesus' joy in my heart, i am glad to announce to you that that phase is OVER!!! Can i hear a Halleluyah?

Now i have started enjoying what my fellow iyawo; beautiful has been enjoying on the regular. I am beginning to sound like I love making love but i am sure TK will give you a completely different side to the story. Being married is a blessing, feels good to always know that there is someone who has got my back always.

I am grateful to God for so many things and i do not take any for granted. Below are the things i am grateful for;

1. Hubby does not snore
2. He is very domesticated
3. He is not over bearing
4. He is easy on food, you can literally feed him with bread and eggs everyday.
5. He loves to hang out with me and my friends
6. He is very considerate and very thoughtful.
7. He is generous
8. He does not keep malice like i do
9.He is way taller than i am (can't believe i wanted to kill myself on top of that my short ex)
10. He manages to watch Africa magic Yoruba.
11. He now reads blogs, he was too glad to read the post about hairnets and chicken bones by Naijahusband.

I hope i have been able to convince you and not confuse you that God is a good God. Till i come your way again next week hopefully, Keep reading!

p:s TK means Time Keeper.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Back in the days!

I just finished reading Sykik's post and it made me remember a similar situation i found myself in back in secondary school. Thanks sykik for the blospiration.

Back in my secondary school days, CDSS Ikeja to be precise. I had a group of friends called "TRANSFORMERS". We were seven in number and the coolest in our class. We always hung out together during break time and even after school hours. I remember those days when the class captain was beefing us and would write down all our names as noise makers. Soldiers were responsible for flogging the students and as soon as our names are called for our strokes of cain, we would all "chest" the cain on one palm no matter how hard it hurt, yeah, we were hard core like that!

Photo credit : Google images

On a fateful day, the TRANSFORMERS left the school premises during school hours. It was one of those days in school when exams were over and there was nothing really happening in school. Anyway, we decided to visit a fellow TRANSFORMER'S house somewhere around Maryland. We just basically went to chill till school was over then we would all go home.

My dad always picked me up from school and that particular day i planned to get back to the school premises before he came. I left our friend's  house when it was almost closing time while the others waited behind because they lived nearby.

As i got back to school, to my biggest shock, i saw my dad's car at the school gate and i knew i was dead. Different thoughts were going through my mind and i just started panicking. I moved closer to the car and as soon as he saw me he got out of the car and demanded an explanation. My body suddenly turned cold and i started shaking, i couldnt even mutter a word as i was stammering. Before i could say Jack Robinson, my dad started unbuckling his belt and i burst into tears. At that point, i knew my explanation would not make any difference and i just couldn't believe that i, Atoskin the hardcore TRANSFORMER could be humiliated at the school gate.

But God smiled down at me, another classmate saw what was happening and came to my rescue. She pleaded with my dad not to beat me and explained the whole situation to him. My dad didn't believe her but he wore his belt back. The next thing he said was "i will deal with you when we get home" . At that point in time, i didn't mind whatever consequence i faced at home, my only joy was that i wasn't humiliated publicly, everything else didn't matter.

My dad is late now and i miss him terribly. He was a good man.

Looking forward to my next blogspiration.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Transitioning, Marriage, Scandal & BBA 8

It seems like its a routine to always apologize at the beginning of every post, so here i am again saying sorry for been MIA for so long. It gets tougher every day keeping up with blogsville, there is just too much to attend to these days. I am sure everybody is doing fine. Thank you all for checking up on me and "gingering" me to write a post.

I must confess that ever since i read that post Atilola wrote about being careful of the information you disclose on the internet, i have made a conscious effort to restrain myself from blogging about very personal stuffs and because my blog is more of a  personal blog, it has made it really difficult to come up with something to write about. i really wish i was an anonymous blogger right now. At times like this, i envy anonymous bloggers like sykik and mstizzle. I wish i could blog about work and all the activities that has been happening lately but unfortunately some of my colleagues know my blog so that makes it a NO NO.
April 2012
March 2013

So today makes it 13 months since i transitioned to team natural and i must confess that i am enjoying every moment of it. I am sure you all can remember when i did the big chop in this post. The journey has not been easy but it has been worth it. Now i am used to hearing questions like "so when are you retouching your hair?, "is this how you want to look forever"? and so on and i am always glad to answer and lecture people on how to care for their natural hair.

May 2013
Married life has been awesome too, we didn't have a proper honeymoon after the wedding so we had to postpone till April. We are growing to love ourselves more each passing day and now i believe love truly grows if you water it.

Is anyone watching scandal asides Toinlicious? That series almost messed up my mind but i thank God for his deliverance. How can cheating look so right? Shonda Rhimes is a genius, i salute her creativity. But jokes aside, i think Tony Goldwyn (Fitz)  really likes Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) in real life. I checked him out on twitter and i he kinda declared his love for Kerry.

He has done some interviews too where he claimed that he and Kerry have a chemistry going on. If he wasn't married, i am certain that they would have ended up together. Can you believe his wife doesn't watch the show because of the sex scenes? I read about that too and i don't blame her, i wouldn't watch either.

That hug at 1.15s?

BBA 8 has started and i missed part of the opening ceremony. All i know is that i do not like this beverly girl. I think she is a Karen wanna be and its beginning to get on my nerves. She is just all over the place and too loud for my liking. Everyone seems to be in love with the delicious Dellish and i also think she is verrrry pretty. I think the show is beginning to get interesting so i will keep my fingers crossed.

I think i have done a good job in summarizing all that happened in the past couple of weeks.

Looking forward to your comments.

Happy democracy day!!!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sweetiliving is 2!

I am so ashamed of myself right now. How could i forget my blogsversary? Who forgets such things? It didn't even cross my mind at all until about a few minutes ago when i tried remembering a post i did a while back and then i kept scrolling until i saw my first blog post.

My blog was two years old on the 18th of February, how time flies! I can't believe that i have been on blogger for two years. It still feels like yesterday and i'm very grateful to God for keeping me and mine to witness this day *insert spiritual mode*

I'm very thankful for all the wonderful people i have met here, my heart is so full of gratitude. Thank you for taking time out out of your very busy schedules to read and comment on my post however boring it may be. I am really looking forward to meeting some of you in person, i hope in the future there will be a forum that will make that possible.

Thank you all for always being there.

Enjoy the video!


Friday, 8 February 2013

Mrs. Timekeeper

Hello everyone, happy new year to you all, May the new year bring as many blessings as we desire. My people, a lot has happened ohhh, but first things first, I am married to my timekeeper!!!

I am sure you all remember my timekeeper and if you can't, please read the post HERE. I was unable to write any posts even before the wedding as the wedding planning took all of my time. I don't know how doll managed to give us timely updates when she was planning her wedding.

This is a phase i'm happy to have crossed, its just funny how you plan a wedding for months and it takes just one day for all your investment to be consumed. I was particularly happy about the turn out of my wedding, all my vendors did a fantastic job and i had absolutely no cause to be upset about anything. It was the happiest day of my life and it still is so far so good.
I will be back to do a proper post and give all the exclusive details.

I want to say a very big thank you to Lahrah. She attended my wedding despite the short notice. I am sure nobody knows this but we attended the same secondary school, lost contact and reunited on blogsville. She is an amazing woman.

Have a wonderful weekend and i promise to be back soon.