Monday, 28 February 2011

God's Money!!!

I believe that everything that i have and that i am belongs to God, absolutely everything!!! The only way we can show appreciation is by thanking God and keeping his word. The bible in Malachi 3:8-10 talks about paying our tithes and offerings and that not doing so implies that we are robbing God.

Our tithe is 10% of our income. You can give higher than that to God. I believe it takes someone with great faith and a deep understanding of God's word to do so. I know that there are times when we calculate our budget and tithe is last on the list and sometimes we push it forward to the following month because there are so many expenses. I am honestly speaking from experience and am sure it must have happened to some of us.

Our tithe should be treated with utmost respect for God, It is a covenant with God even though you give it in your church. When i was much younger i used to wonder if God will appear in the night and take the tithe from the church to heaven. But now i have come to understand that God does not need our money! For crying out loud, the streets of heaven are lined with gold, he created the heaven and the earth with his hands so what does he need from us that he doesn't already have?

God wants us to keep to his word and and also to be obedient to his commandments. So if you are reading this blog and you have not been paying your tithe, or you pay anything less than 10%, its not too late to change your ways. There is always a reward for obedience as well as disobedience....


Friday, 25 February 2011


The title is not exactly what you are thinking. Hipsy is a colleague's nickname, i rechristened him and yes, its a guy!!! He is one of the very many people who think am very razz so now its PAY BACK time. I have been yabbing him for some time now because for some funny reason, his hips have been growing wider and he is starting to compete with me.....maka ginni?

So he shares this experience with us in the office. He used to love swimming but quit after an ordeal he had in a swimming pool. He was sexually harrased by a guy in the pool and when he described the scenario, we laughed till we dropped. But seriously, for the love of God, How does such things happen? The last i remember in physics is that unlike poles attract while like poles repel because me i still no understand the chemistry that takes place between like poles. We are obviously in the endtimes because all the stories we hear and things we see are some of the signs described in the bible.

As you all know, my last paragraph is always a word of advise and this time i would please implore us all to be vigilant and careful.

May God help us.

Why are we here?

This is a question i constantly ask myself, why am i here? Do we really know why were are where we are? Why are we in that situation? why are we in that company? why are we in that school? why are we in that church? I believe there is a purpose behind any situation we may find ourselves. Open heavens today was about provoked famine. It was about a famine in Isreal which King David thought was normal, the famine continued for three years and it was not until he sought God's face that he knew the reason.

I have learnt today that when things begin to go wrong with me, i should seek God's face, There is always a reason behind every situation, things doesn't just happen accidentally. You might have that job because God wants you to learn something you would need later in life. You might be in that church because there is a blessing God has in store for you there!

One thing i know for sure is that God has answers to every question we have, all we need do is seek his face and He is always ready to answer us. He knows the number of strands of hair we have on our head, so tell me WHAT DOESN'T HE KNOW???

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sanjo Morgan

Sanjo is a 10year old boy, He is a Yoruba but am guessing he is a Lagosian, very bright kid i must confess. He is in primary 6 preparing to start secondary school. Tuesday was my first time of meeting him, He came to my office to advertise a raffle draw his school was organizing and there he was convincing me to by a ticket. In his words he said " You have a chance of winning a return ticket to London". You needed to hear him say that sentence..... see oyinbo!!! I enjoyed every minute of the conversation we had. He was so eloquent and confident in himself unlike me wey almost get heart attack while giving a testimony on sunday .

I also had a good primary education, yeah yeah, we all did, but as the scripture says, by their fruits you shall know them.

I was really very impressed and so i introduced him to my colleagues and he started his speech all over again, the chics in my office were mesmerized just like i was. He swept us off our feet sotay we all emptied our purses and wallets to buy his tickets.

I would just like to say here that there is nothing as good as having the right foundation and NOTHING can be compared to quality education. Though u may sow in tears, you will definately reap in joy.

Sanjo Morgan, It was a pleasure meeting you.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mama put.

The importance of food in our country or nation as a whole cannot be overemphasized. We Nigerians do not joke with our belle, as the saying goes a hungry man is an angry man.....the truth that lies in that statement cannot be imagined.

Because of our busy schedules, we all tend to eat whatever is available and am sure am speaking the minds of very busy people. A nutritionist would advise that breakfast is the most important meal and should not be skipped but honestly, how many people really have breakfast? Our schedule doesn't even permit us to, we wake up at dusk to get ready for work and also to beat Lagos traffic, so tell me, which kain human being will eat that early? Yes, there is also an option of taking your breakfast to work and eating it later that morning but will work permit us to? Most people have their first meal between 11am and 12noon and trust me, no-one will be in the mood to eat the toast or sandwiches they have, at that time na solid food the body dey find.

Its so bad some people don't even have the time to eat during working hours and thats what has lead them to eat all sorts of junk in traffic ranging from gala, meatie, chips and all forms of carbonated drinks.

A friend of mine called me today and mentioned more than five mama put that he visits on the regular. In Nigeria, the nature of our job sef makes us eat anywhere and everywhere. Like he said, mama put doesn't purge instead its the glorified mama put's (restaurant & eatries) that purge a lot of us.

Am trying to think of an advise here and what comes to my mind is detoxification, i will strongly encourage everyone to detoxify their digestive system regularly.

The importance of exercising also cannot be over-empahsized. Remember, the more you eat, the more work you have to do.....


Nigerian Idols....

Over the weekend specifically on sunday i watched Nigerian Idols. I didn't follow the show from the beginning but now it has become very interesting and competitive and there are only seven contestants left in the competition.

I must confess that i found sunday's episode very interesting. The contestants sang different songs by Micheal Jackson and i was really impressed. Because of my love for music, av come to love musical inclined shows. Three of the contestants who got my full attention were Naomi, Alex and Bibi, they sang Heal the world, you are not alone and speechless respectively. Naomi Mac's performance was breathtaking, gosh, i wish i could sing like her she has got what it takes and honestly, this chic really inspires me.

I think the show is not bad, am impressed though we all know its an imitation of American Idols but really, Kinni big deal? What don't we imitate? We are proud imitators jare!

The only BUT i have is Yinka Davies, She tends to over-do things a lot and i always mute my tv anytime she has anything to say, abeg, she has her freedom of speech but na me get my TELLY....

Really want you guys to try and watch it, Its 9pm on Stv every sunday.

Lemme know what you think about it.

Nothing but the truth!!!

There are things i would like to share today and believe me, its nothing but the truth:

1. I don't enjoy driving long distances. Don't get me wrong, i drive long distances when av got no choice but i don't enjoy it one bit.

2. I don't have an international passport. Well what this means is that i have never gone out of the shores of Nigeria ,ok, the farthest i have gone is Yobe all thanks to NYSC! It is shameful i don't have one and thats the power procastination has over people, You never get things done!!!

3. I don't like water. Yes i know its bad, i have been trying my best to like it but its soooo hard now because my sweet tooth has destroyed my taste buds to the extent that water tastes very bitter.

4. I love good music. I can't enumerate all that music does to me. When a song i love is being played, the atmosphere for me changes.

5. I love dancing. Am not a quarter as good as Kaffi but i sha love to dance and don't worry i dance to the rhythm.

6. We are all familiar with the fact that i love watching tv, but am repeating myself again, I love tv, u all know my favorite channel.

7. I love my job. I love everything about it, the challenges, the angry clients and everything it entails. It makes each day interesting!

8. I love puff-puff, its a sunday routine now and of course i jog it out. If i must eat the food, then i must be ready to do the WORK!!!

9. I don't listen to the radio, i know its bad but i'ld rather play my favourite music while driving than listening to the radio. So if anyone is sending me a request on radio, biko call me so u'ld be sure i'ld hear it...

10. I love cars o, I love very good cars, from BMW, Mercedez, Chevrolet, Cayenne, Durango, Escalade, avalanche...the list is endless and just in case Mr.R is reading, these cars no be criteria o!!!

11. I am in love with horror movies,it is the only kind of movie you can guarantee i'll watch without dozing off.

12. I don't follow sports be it soccer, tennis, basket ball. I tried being a chelsea fan once due to the pressure of loving a football club but it turned out that i took a match we lost very personal and i ended up being depressed for days. I made up my mind after then that mo sports for me, notwithstanding, i shall support whichever club Mr. right loves.

13. I influence my friends with my addictions, this happens all the time and many of them can testify. You must love my kind of wine, food, tv programmes.....the list is endless! Even my mom has become a victim...hehehehe

14. Finally, i love my church. Don't mind that its last on the list, i just saved the best for the last. The minute i step into Mercyplace, I become so happy, you would think i just won a lotto. I love to be in God's presence, I don't experience that joy anywhere else.

Have a a fantastic day people.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Omo yoruba ni mi o!

My friends often wonder what I love about Africa Magic yoruba, infact they yab me and call me a razz chic. The truth is that me, I no send and as a matter of fact I find the movies very entertaining and some of them extremely hilarious. I am a tv person and i can vividly remember that back in those days i never missed my favorite soap opera's; maria delos angeles, the rich also cry, secrets of the sand and every other soap you can think of!

I really love watching tv, I remember how i used to mobilize my friends every sunday and make sure everyone is seated by 6pm to watch Big Brother All stars eviction. I influenced even those that thought the show was extremely stupid, yes, av got such powers!!!

Back to my dear Africa Magic Yoruba,I just really enjoy watching the movies, their acting skills, bombshells, make-ups, dress sense make me laugh out loud!!! I often avoid those that have too many herbalist scenes, I don't even go close to them at all. Recently I watched Omo ghetto, I honestly cannot recall the number of times I re-played that movie. Hilarious is an understatement, it was off the hook, the characters are nothing to be compared with and their slangs OMG!!! Am not sure am forgetting them anytime soon and i am NOT proud to say that I know the lines in that movie word for word.

I hope i don't get more yabs becos of this blog, remember am expressing myself.....thats the whole idea!!!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Eko o ni baje!!!

In the upcoming elections, the only thing am sure of is voting for Babatunde Raji Fashola. I don't even know any candidate running for Governor asides him in Lagos and i will strongly advise them to invest their money on other businesses because Lagosians are re-electing BRF and yes, am speaking the minds of more than 80% Lagosians!

Seriously, why won't i re-elect him? He is the only Governor i have known who knows that there is a place called Iju in Lagos. Who wouldn't be grateful for the construction being carried out on that road, That road has caused its residents lots of money to change tyres and Shock absorbers. The potholes were innumerable which left the road hardly motorable.

BRF has put a smile on the faces of those who ply that route on the regular and to think of the fact that it isnt even completed yet, who would risk wasting his/her votes on an aspirant who would want to start a fresh project and abandon what the former Governor started??? Ko jor!

As for presidency, am trusting God to give us the president that will be profitable to our nation. GEJ has not impressed me so far as i am concerned all he has been doing is translating his first name like we don't all know the meaning.

So my Lagos people, lets vote for BRF if not for any reason but for the sake of the completion of Iju road.


My proclaimed ADDICTION....

I was inspired by a client recently. She is a grandmum in her 50's and she looks 30. I actually saw her reading a book and i asked if she was a nutritionist and she said no, that she just loves to read about health and further said that she loves to exercise. I could not believe my ears. A grandmum @ 50? You need to see her, she is slim and very athletic, she further said that she swims twice a week and jogs everyday. She mostly feeds on fruits and vegetables and i wasn't surprised cos her skin was glowing.

I became inspired because gosh am far younger than she is and she is done having kids and still looks that good. I have determined (so help me God) to exercise as often as i can and to always be in shape.

I don't wanna look 80 when am 40 (God forbid) and so a determined to do whatever it takes to keep fit. So now i have started jogging, infact the more i eat, the more distance i must cover while jogging. Yes, thats the rule!!!

I would advise everyone to keep fit and eat healthily. Our body really doesn't require the large meals we consume most of the time. We should make it a point of duty to be healthy and Fit.

Exercise must become my ADDICTION!!!

Super weekend!!!

I kind of had a feast this weekend. I had this urge to cook a delicacy which i prepared on saturday evening. A very good way of starting the weekend abi?
Everyone thought i was expecting a guest...for where? There are just times you would want to give yourself a treat within the confines of your home which is what i did, there was enough to go round anyway cause i love to feed people.

Sunday was amazing, first the message was right on point...Pastor B did justice to the message, it was basically about how we Christians conduct ourselves and why we do the things we do emphasizing the fact that we must do what God wants us to do and not what we want to do and because he is God who knows the end from the beginning and knows the beginning from the end.

Also, i gave a testimony.....mehn,for a second i thought my heart was gonna jump out of my chest. It was not until i held the mic that my confidence returned.....Thank God!

The weekend ended with me watching Nigerian Idols, and by the way Naomi Mac inspires me....Really hope she wins.


Saturday, 19 February 2011

patience: a virtue

You'll won't believe am at work today,its not that ama workaholic o, duty just calls. The event that happened today has made me once again realise that patience is a virtue. I am naturally a very patient person, i take things easy and slowly except the situation is extreme.

Patience being one of the fruits of the spirit implies that God wants us to be patient. People often feel that a patient person will always be taken for granted but i disagree. It simply shows that you are wise and understand the laws of God.

I won't say am perfect but am working towards perfection and asking God to help me on a daily basis. Impatience has no advantage and does not provide solutions to problems instead it aggravate issues.

Choose wisely!

My heart has been mended!

Yesterday started pretty well and ended with me almost wanting to explode! I work in an office where am exposed to very angry clients and i meet them all the time..... I have actually gotten used to them and their rantings but yesterday was the height of it. I received an email from a woman who was asking if i and the rest of my team were out of our minds. Chei, i was angryyyyyyyy! i replied her of course.......was polite in a dangerous way and i was super confident that she would dare not reply.

Was still angry on my way home, then i played a song on my car tape (i never get cd player), its actually one of my favourite songs by MNC and it mended my heart, na so the anger disappear o.

Am actually glad that i have discovered a way to get out of my anger and i think y'all should try it out too.....Play one of your favourite songs and see what happens!

Friday, 18 February 2011

in the beginning....

Feels good to be here and most especially to have an avenue to express myself writing. Thats my reason for being here and i really hope i will inspire someone somehow.

Life and living is simply an avenue to think outside the box and discover what life is really about and of course enjoying each passing day. Reflecting on daily activities and discovering oneself and our achievables.

One of my favorite quotes is that if you can work hard, you can achieve it, not also forgetting that with God all things are possible.

Hope this doesn't sound so much like a presidential speech (lol). 

Here is my brief introduction.........there is so much more to life.

Lotsa love.