Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sanjo Morgan

Sanjo is a 10year old boy, He is a Yoruba but am guessing he is a Lagosian, very bright kid i must confess. He is in primary 6 preparing to start secondary school. Tuesday was my first time of meeting him, He came to my office to advertise a raffle draw his school was organizing and there he was convincing me to by a ticket. In his words he said " You have a chance of winning a return ticket to London". You needed to hear him say that sentence..... see oyinbo!!! I enjoyed every minute of the conversation we had. He was so eloquent and confident in himself unlike me wey almost get heart attack while giving a testimony on sunday .

I also had a good primary education, yeah yeah, we all did, but as the scripture says, by their fruits you shall know them.

I was really very impressed and so i introduced him to my colleagues and he started his speech all over again, the chics in my office were mesmerized just like i was. He swept us off our feet sotay we all emptied our purses and wallets to buy his tickets.

I would just like to say here that there is nothing as good as having the right foundation and NOTHING can be compared to quality education. Though u may sow in tears, you will definately reap in joy.

Sanjo Morgan, It was a pleasure meeting you.



  1. Kai! that kind of boy can make one feel as if u no sabi English! God dey...his parents must be really proud of him... anyways our prayer is for our kids to be greater n better than we are...Cheers T!