Monday, 3 September 2012

Jon & Kate Plus 8

Hi people,

How is everyone doing today? i'm back from my daku daji stunts again, things are just happening so very fast, the days are rolling by with top speed and then before you say Jack Robinson, the day is over, i'm sure you get my drift..

Planning a wedding is not easy at all and hiring a wedding planner is not cheap either, it is fun, stressful, and will drain you emotionally. For me, One minute i'm excited, the next minute, i'm not so excited, I just cant wait for this cup to pass over me.

I was heartbroken today, infact i'm still heartbroken. The rate of divorce these days is alarming, my favourite reality show couple, Jon & Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus 8 are divorced!!!. I just discovered the show a few months ago and i became addicted. The couple Jon and Kate had a set of twins initially and after three years or so, they had another set of sextuplets making eight children altogether.

I loved them and their kids, they just had something special that i cannot even begin to describe. So with all the preamble i just gave, you can imagine the shock i got when i read that they are divorced, imagine, hearing that bad news on a Monday morning, it really spoilt my day and i am still not over it.

I have been trying to imagine how their children will feel and what perception those kids will have about marriage, to think that they got divorced the same day they filed for a seperation still beats me, they didnt even give their marriage a chance at all to see if they could work things out. To say the least, the news really upset me.

Moving on, a lot has happened in the last few days, my wedding is getting closer. My weekends are worse than weekdays now because i'm always on the move, meeting up with my vendors and driving the length and breadth of Lagos.

My wedding dress has finally arrived, it is beautiful, i was close to tears when i tried it on, it dawned on me again that i was really getting married. I wore my dress for close to 45mins dancing in it.

Everything is falling into place gradually, my hairline is back and my hair is growing very fast. There are just a few things left to be done and i'm good to go.

Thanks for reading and please remember me in your prayers.

p:s. In the real terms, they got divorced in 2009 but of course you know how reality shows work.

Picture source from google images