Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Omo yoruba ni mi o!

My friends often wonder what I love about Africa Magic yoruba, infact they yab me and call me a razz chic. The truth is that me, I no send and as a matter of fact I find the movies very entertaining and some of them extremely hilarious. I am a tv person and i can vividly remember that back in those days i never missed my favorite soap opera's; maria delos angeles, the rich also cry, secrets of the sand and every other soap you can think of!

I really love watching tv, I remember how i used to mobilize my friends every sunday and make sure everyone is seated by 6pm to watch Big Brother All stars eviction. I influenced even those that thought the show was extremely stupid, yes, av got such powers!!!

Back to my dear Africa Magic Yoruba,I just really enjoy watching the movies, their acting skills, bombshells, make-ups, dress sense make me laugh out loud!!! I often avoid those that have too many herbalist scenes, I don't even go close to them at all. Recently I watched Omo ghetto, I honestly cannot recall the number of times I re-played that movie. Hilarious is an understatement, it was off the hook, the characters are nothing to be compared with and their slangs OMG!!! Am not sure am forgetting them anytime soon and i am NOT proud to say that I know the lines in that movie word for word.

I hope i don't get more yabs becos of this blog, remember am expressing myself.....thats the whole idea!!!

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