Monday, 5 September 2011

This stiff neck of mine...

I have been having these incessant headaches lately. It's really very bad and I know what causes it; my phones!!!. Work has really been hectic these past few weeks, in short we are in a phase where work is very tedious. There are so many Phone calls from clients here and there wanting to say so many things and make so many complains which I have to listen to (that is what am paid to do).

Sometimes I ignore the calls, but my conscience will not let me be at peace so I find myself returning the calls. Unfortunately, I work in a department where work never ends, the only time I don't think about work is when I am asleep.

Another alternative I have devised is to turn off my official line when neccesary. That too has a disadvantage as my boss could call and want to speak to me and I have to come up with excuses for turning off my phones (#lies#).

Presently, am having one of those headaches again, and to make matters worse, my neck is stiff which is making me very uncomfortable.

I just feel really sick today, prayers and prescriptions are welcome!

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