Wednesday, 18 June 2014

How forgiving are you?

Are there people like me, who ignores whoever offends them or believes that the extent of offense is directly proportional to the silent treatment the offender will receive? I don't even know how that works but that description is very much who i am  was. I think its a huge problem most especially because its not christainly. TK also observed this trend in me and spoke to me about it and as usual, i was very defensive and was unwillingly to accept his accusation even though i knew he was right.

I remember the last quarrel i had with him, i was so furious and hurt that i went to bed immediately. I couldn't even sleep, i just kept ruminating on how he could say hurtful words and also wondering how i could hurt him as much as he hurt me......yes, that happens....until i slept off. I woke up before my alarm went off the next morning which was a clear indication that there was something on my mind, i got dressed went to work, half into work, i sent him airtime but i still wasn't speaking to him.

Later that evening, he tried to make small talks like asking what i had for lunch and what we were having for dinner but i chose not to respond except he apologized to me but this young man didn't o. He finally gave up trying to talk to me and was paying so much attention to the TV which even made me angrier. I served dinner and he said thank you but i still ignored him.

The next morning, i woke up determined to vent out my anger so i tapped him and made him realize that he really hurt me and when i was done i demanded for an apology. He apologized immediately and we made up like couples do lol. But in retrospect, i knew i wouldn't have forgiven him immediately even if he had apologized to me at that moment he got me upset. To put things into perspective, i simply forgive when i am ready to which is a very bad habit.

Afterwards, i promised TK that i will never let the sun go down on my anger which is God's standard so its good enough. And to the glory of God and shaming the devil, i have been keeping to my promise,this is only because TK reminds me whenever i start ignoring him. Sometimes when he reminds me i say to myself "Oh shit, why did i make this promise". To crown it all, the guest preacher who ministered in our church on Sunday said whoever does not forgive has not received God's forgiveness, that struck me really hard and made me more determined to keep to my promise.

So over to you readers. Do u forgive easily?