Thursday, 18 July 2013

Back in the days!

I just finished reading Sykik's post and it made me remember a similar situation i found myself in back in secondary school. Thanks sykik for the blospiration.

Back in my secondary school days, CDSS Ikeja to be precise. I had a group of friends called "TRANSFORMERS". We were seven in number and the coolest in our class. We always hung out together during break time and even after school hours. I remember those days when the class captain was beefing us and would write down all our names as noise makers. Soldiers were responsible for flogging the students and as soon as our names are called for our strokes of cain, we would all "chest" the cain on one palm no matter how hard it hurt, yeah, we were hard core like that!

Photo credit : Google images

On a fateful day, the TRANSFORMERS left the school premises during school hours. It was one of those days in school when exams were over and there was nothing really happening in school. Anyway, we decided to visit a fellow TRANSFORMER'S house somewhere around Maryland. We just basically went to chill till school was over then we would all go home.

My dad always picked me up from school and that particular day i planned to get back to the school premises before he came. I left our friend's  house when it was almost closing time while the others waited behind because they lived nearby.

As i got back to school, to my biggest shock, i saw my dad's car at the school gate and i knew i was dead. Different thoughts were going through my mind and i just started panicking. I moved closer to the car and as soon as he saw me he got out of the car and demanded an explanation. My body suddenly turned cold and i started shaking, i couldnt even mutter a word as i was stammering. Before i could say Jack Robinson, my dad started unbuckling his belt and i burst into tears. At that point, i knew my explanation would not make any difference and i just couldn't believe that i, Atoskin the hardcore TRANSFORMER could be humiliated at the school gate.

But God smiled down at me, another classmate saw what was happening and came to my rescue. She pleaded with my dad not to beat me and explained the whole situation to him. My dad didn't believe her but he wore his belt back. The next thing he said was "i will deal with you when we get home" . At that point in time, i didn't mind whatever consequence i faced at home, my only joy was that i wasn't humiliated publicly, everything else didn't matter.

My dad is late now and i miss him terribly. He was a good man.

Looking forward to my next blogspiration.