Friday, 25 February 2011


The title is not exactly what you are thinking. Hipsy is a colleague's nickname, i rechristened him and yes, its a guy!!! He is one of the very many people who think am very razz so now its PAY BACK time. I have been yabbing him for some time now because for some funny reason, his hips have been growing wider and he is starting to compete with me.....maka ginni?

So he shares this experience with us in the office. He used to love swimming but quit after an ordeal he had in a swimming pool. He was sexually harrased by a guy in the pool and when he described the scenario, we laughed till we dropped. But seriously, for the love of God, How does such things happen? The last i remember in physics is that unlike poles attract while like poles repel because me i still no understand the chemistry that takes place between like poles. We are obviously in the endtimes because all the stories we hear and things we see are some of the signs described in the bible.

As you all know, my last paragraph is always a word of advise and this time i would please implore us all to be vigilant and careful.

May God help us.


  1. Lol, can't stop laughing, this is hilarious, wat an experience. I fink i no who this person is...not tellg though. Nice 1 T.

  2. i feel u. i don't think i no the person, could u give me a hint?......nice one T.....