Monday, 7 March 2011

Beautiful imperfection

Hello people, am feeling very energetic this morning and i think its because i just had a bottle of sprite.....thats my substitute for water presently until someone comes up with a better idea.

I know the title of the blog sounds familiar, yeah yeah, its the title of Asa's album. Its just a mere coincidence, am not analysing her album...its a beautiful piece though.

I have come to realize that we all have shortcomings in different areas of our life, meaning that we are not 100% perfect in all we do. My pastor usually says that its bad to judge someone's weakness in your areas of strength and that is very TRUE. Your weakness could be anything; i have a friend who does not have a clue about dancing, infact he doesn't seem to understand the rhythm of a song, he just dances the way he understands and if dare watch him, you sef go miss your steps. I have another friend whose weakness is lying, He doesn't lie deliberately, infact most times he jokes about it but now it has become so real and its very difficult for him to deal with it. These are just a few examples, some people procrastinate, some oversleep, some over-eat, the list is endless mehn....

There is something beautiful and special about everybody though we all have our weaknesses, we should identify and develop our strengths. I have been cracking my head since yesterday trying to identify my weaknesses and i came up with a few which i have started working on.

My new year resolution is always constant and it is to be a better person, year in year out, i think every other resolution is encompassed around being a better person.

Don't let your weaknesses weigh you down, work on them especially if they are not in accordance with the word of God.


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  1. That is a prayer i also make, to be a better person. Its is maturity to take people the way they are cos somebody will also have to take you the way you are. That's life....nice one!!!!