Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mama put.

The importance of food in our country or nation as a whole cannot be overemphasized. We Nigerians do not joke with our belle, as the saying goes a hungry man is an angry man.....the truth that lies in that statement cannot be imagined.

Because of our busy schedules, we all tend to eat whatever is available and am sure am speaking the minds of very busy people. A nutritionist would advise that breakfast is the most important meal and should not be skipped but honestly, how many people really have breakfast? Our schedule doesn't even permit us to, we wake up at dusk to get ready for work and also to beat Lagos traffic, so tell me, which kain human being will eat that early? Yes, there is also an option of taking your breakfast to work and eating it later that morning but will work permit us to? Most people have their first meal between 11am and 12noon and trust me, no-one will be in the mood to eat the toast or sandwiches they have, at that time na solid food the body dey find.

Its so bad some people don't even have the time to eat during working hours and thats what has lead them to eat all sorts of junk in traffic ranging from gala, meatie, chips and all forms of carbonated drinks.

A friend of mine called me today and mentioned more than five mama put that he visits on the regular. In Nigeria, the nature of our job sef makes us eat anywhere and everywhere. Like he said, mama put doesn't purge instead its the glorified mama put's (restaurant & eatries) that purge a lot of us.

Am trying to think of an advise here and what comes to my mind is detoxification, i will strongly encourage everyone to detoxify their digestive system regularly.

The importance of exercising also cannot be over-empahsized. Remember, the more you eat, the more work you have to do.....



  1. let us just to the chase, 'T' u like U made a huge load of sense

  2. Nice one T, ll say i ve been a victim a couple of times ll certainly take ur advice...gracias'

  3. Yes O!!!!!
    I just had to drop a comment. It is very true. I am presently thinking of opening my own Mama put joint.
    Keep up the good work girl