Friday, 26 August 2011

Weddings & things!

Hey blogville,

Thank God its friday, yaaaayyy!

A lot of people always assume that when i put on TGIF as my status on bbm, it means that am partying hard over the weekend but that is hardly ever the case. Infact, i hardly party, though i love to dance and i do it mostly in the comfort of my 25ish square meters living room, but this weekend, i have a wedding.

Weddings i love, i enjoy reading wedding stories, i google as many wedding websites as possible and refresh bella naija like every hour to see if there is a new wedding story plus pictures. A friend thinks its a syndrome and believes it will disappear after i am married.

My mom is also anxiously waiting to be a grandma, she is praying and fasting that it happens soonest and i am also believing God that it happens soon.

And of course, most weddings come with aso ebi, and i have lost count of how many i have bought, there are even some i haven't sown. As a matter of fact i have started sowing some into people lives, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Also, i am always on a bridal train, i completely enjoy it especially when they are my close friends, why would i be on a train if the bride is not my padi-padi? I have done this so many times and i feel my services should no longer be free!(chilli please disregard)

After this wedding, i have another in Nnewi, thats somewhere in Anambra and its gonna be my first time in the eastern part of Nigeria which makes me look forward to it badly.

So today, the UN headquarters got bombed, its really sad and terrible.

We all must pray for Nigeria, Violence must stop!!!

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  1. Totally disregarding as warned! Lovely darl..i see u got ur muse back. Anyhoozle!!!see u tomao :)