Thursday, 13 October 2011

My top 3 Adulthood Bad habits!

Over the years, my new year resolution has always been "to be a better person". As simple as it sounds, it encompasses the whole of my resolutions because being a better person entails working towards perfection and believe me, its not an easy task at all.

Everyone has bad habits, i do and i hope they are not so many. I did a compilation of the bad habits i really frown out.

* Picking the nose: I was a victim of this until i became a chic, yes a chic. Its so unhygienic and gross (like my janded friends will say), i think it was one of the habits i picked up as a child. I remember picking my nose so much with my bare finger and putting that same finger in my mouth. Any adult who still does this should be given 100 strokes of pankere!

* Sucking the finger: I sucked my finger for a very very long time, i think i sucked my thumb till i got to primary 5. My parents did everything possible to make me stop but nothing werked! I remember a time when they rubbed my finger with bitter leaf so that i would stop, sharp girl like me will wash the thumb will soap and water and continue sucking.

* Chewing the fingernails: i was a gold medalist when it came to chewing my fingernails, i would chew my nails so much until it starts to hurt. My fingers were so ugly and i hid them a lot from people, i was always uncomfortable when people held my hands because i would be too ashamed for them to see my nails, most of the time, i kept my hands to myself. Now when i look at my fingernails, i get so proud, they are very beautiful even without fixing acrylic.

For most people as we grow, we begin to drop the childish bad habits and embrace the bad habits that comes with being an adult. .. Here are my Top 3:

* Not keeping to time: As far as i am concerned this is a very bad habit and i am very guilty of it. It is seriously annoying, i get very upset when am to meet with someone at a particular time and i get there before the person, the only word that describes the feeling is annoying.

* Inabiltity to return phone calls: This is another nasty attitude that pisses me off, i am partly guilty of it and that happens ONLY if i do not recognise the number, i think that is pardonable but some people just don't return phone calls at all, this attitude seriously dey vex people!

* Leaving your plates wherever you eat: Am inspired to call this a bad habit because i am close to a few people who have this habit. After eating, the plates are meant to go into the sink, either they are ready to be washed or not. Some people have the habit of leaving their plates wherever they eat, asides calling it a bad habit, its also very dirty and i cannot condone it!

All these are my most disliked bad habits...i hope there a word like "most disliked".

If you are guilty of any of these offences, they are called aToskin's top three adulthood bad habits...

Make a resolution to be a better person year in, year out.



  1. I like your list, I didn't have the common bad habits as a child, but I used to leave my mouth hanging open sometimes, lol. I outgrew that one by the time I was in pry 3 or 4.

    Now, I find myself not returning phonecalls though I try to check it. It's good to try to be a better person.

  2. Thanks myne for visiting. I think i used to leave my mouth hanging too a lot when i was a kid, thanks to my mother who would always remind me to close my mouth!

  3. I so much hate when people dont return phonecalls..I am not saying call asap, just acknowledging the call via text or a quick reply shows respect..It baffles me at how someone could be so busy for 1 year without return a is there na..

  4. @ unveilinggold: not returning calls is the "worstest" of the habits. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hey gold medalist! I like your list lol. Good job. Mine is hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock therefore waking up almost 30mins before lectures. It happens almost every other day haha! Teehee :D