Friday, 30 September 2011

Life is short....

"life is short" has been my display message on bbm since Tuesday. This week has been very gloomy for me. Two people I know passed on which has left me very frightened. After my dad died a few years ago, I kind of developed a thick skin towards death and stop seeing it as a big deal, now that I think about it, I must have felt that way because I had not lost anyone very close to me.

Some guy in my estate who jogs everyday went jogging on Tuesday, while jogging, he slumped and fell on the floor and died probably before he was rushed to the hospital or on the way to the hospital. I froze when I was told on phone, it wasn't until I went to the hospital and saw his body that it dawned on me that he was really dead. I stood beside the stretcher where his body was laid and watched closely if I would see some sort of movement, he didn't move, he was really dead.

I was in awe because I could not comprehend what could have gone wrong, he wasn't obese as I presumed he would be, his body was well framed with all the packs in the right place. I was more stunned because I also just resumed back to jogging over the weekend after 3 months of laziness, I had checked my weight and saw how fat I had become and vowed to loose weight under one week. 

The day this guy died, I was just being lazy and didn't feel like jogging. I remember I got back from work and went to bed immediately and woke up much later. If I had gone jogging I definitely would have seen him that night.

I have been too terrified of jogging ever since he died, I have been doing a lot of thinking and wondered if things would have been different if I went jogging; am not a doctor, but I have been thinking that maybe I would have pumped his heart the way doctors do in grey's anatomy or a mouth to mouth respiration. That has crossed my mind a zillion times.....

I went to church the day after and shared a testimony about how short life is and that to make heaven is the ultimate goal. I could feel the sadness in the atmosphere as I shared the testimony, but it was really in my heart and I had to share it. I felt better after I did.

Another death happened today, this is someone I know personally. He had terminal cancer and I never knew. I heard the news today and went to pay the family a condolence visit. It really made me remember the days when my dad died. I know what it means to loose someone very dear.

I pray that the departed will rest in the Lord's bosom and I pray that God shall console their families.

Life is short, heaven is real and God is still God!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Networking ko, networking ni!

I do not fancy any business that has to do with networking. As attractive as the benefits may sound, i have never been tempted venturing into one.

A friend has tried all her best to make me start forever living product business, networking is not just my thing, i don't even have the energy to start convincing people talkless of following up with them, that is a lot of work as far as i am concerned.

A woman was at my office sometime last week to do a presentation on Anion sanitary pad, this was a serious lecture as she came with a board and a marker with plenty fliers and materials needed for the experiment. Fast forward, she started and ended the presentation but the highlight was not about selling the pads, she concentrated more on the networking part of the business.She went on and on and listed the numerous advantages like getting to a stage where i will be entitled to a brand new car. She told us how she quit her job and fully embraced the business blah blah blah.

The part i was meant to like was when she said that they(Anion distributors) are not permitted to force people into doing the business as its for people to decide for themselves. I was really very happy to hear that until she started calling and asking me how far. Goshhh, i was in shock, it was barely two days after her presentation and she was already contradicting herself, she even went to the extent of paying me another visit at work even after i told her i would be very busy, she still came oh and offered to wait till i was less busy. Geez, i was so very pissed and i considered that to be very annoying!

I dislike it when people are on my case on such issues, i love to make my own decisions because i always hold myself responsible for any decision i make either good or bad, i hate to have to hold someone responsible if things do not work out well for me.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: This blogpost is not aimed at discouraging anyone who is into networking business of any sort, i know a lot of people who are into it and making money big time, i personally do not take such risks plus the fact that i do not have the energy for that kain work.

Have a fantastic week people!

P:S I am looking forward to the long weekend already *insert dancing smiley here*

Monday, 5 September 2011

The puff puff specialist.

It's no news that I love puff puff, so today I wanna be generous and teach whoever is interested how to make puff puff. So here it is!!!


Powdered nutmeg
Dry pepper (optional)

Mix the flour, sugar, yeast, dry pepper, and nutmeg in a bowl. Add water and mix until a smooth mixture is obtained. Cover the bowl and ensure it's airtight. Place in the sun or wherever there is heat so it rises.

Form into balls and fry in hot vegetable oil.

It's best served with a cold glass of orange juice/ berry blast or wild vines(merlot).

My number two menu is......

Barbeque chicken

Vegetable oil
Chilli pepper
Ground Ginger
Ground garlic
Black pepper
Barbecue spice

The chicken can be a whole chicken or any part of the chicken. Wipe out the moistness of the chicken with a table cloth. Place chicken in a bowl, add the vegetable oil first and the other ingredients and spices one after the order and marinate. You can marinate for an hour or more or even overnight.

Place chicken on the grill and turn the sides when necessary.

I can't give a time frame but I'll advise that is checked from time to time. When its done, it can be topped with a barbeque sauce (Optional).

I usually grill my chicken with my microwave, so if you have a microwave that can grill, u should try it.

Barbeque chicken is the healthiest type of chicken to eat because as the chicken is grilled, the fats and oil is extracted.

Those are the two menu's I have been very successful with.

Will dish out out more as I learn more.

P.S: I measure with my eyes and it has never disappointed me.

Anyone who has an excellent skill in making doughnuts should please holla!!!

This stiff neck of mine...

I have been having these incessant headaches lately. It's really very bad and I know what causes it; my phones!!!. Work has really been hectic these past few weeks, in short we are in a phase where work is very tedious. There are so many Phone calls from clients here and there wanting to say so many things and make so many complains which I have to listen to (that is what am paid to do).

Sometimes I ignore the calls, but my conscience will not let me be at peace so I find myself returning the calls. Unfortunately, I work in a department where work never ends, the only time I don't think about work is when I am asleep.

Another alternative I have devised is to turn off my official line when neccesary. That too has a disadvantage as my boss could call and want to speak to me and I have to come up with excuses for turning off my phones (#lies#).

Presently, am having one of those headaches again, and to make matters worse, my neck is stiff which is making me very uncomfortable.

I just feel really sick today, prayers and prescriptions are welcome!