Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dream on...

I have been having very weird dreams. I have dreamt about so many things these past few days. First, i had a dream about my close friend getting married without informing me. I went visiting her that day and realized she just got married. She looked so much like Kim kardashian in the dream. After i settled in, she got herself something to eat and didn't offer me anything, i was quite disappointed and confronted her in the dream, thats the last i can remember. The night before, i watched "keeping up with the kardashians". Imagine!!!

Secondly, i watched this nollywood movie based on recommendation, infact i had to buy the movie, because i was certain i won't get to watch it on Africa magic until 2013. The movie was about a womanizer becoming a manizer, am being careful with my words here, i hope you all understand.

I had very nasty dreams the night i watched the movie, and i am glad i can't remember the details. This has made me realize that there is a high tendency for me to dream about anything i watch before bed time.

I must confess that am glad that i have an explanation for this weird dreams otherwise, i would have freaked out!!!


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