Thursday, 31 March 2011


Am sure we all know that its no longer news that Genesis Deluxe Cinemas have their highest sales on Wednesdays. Yes, i am one of the very many people that patronize them only on Wednesdays and i no get shame.

The funny thing is that there are always so many people at the cinema on Wednesdays including working class dudes and chics and nobody is bothered about what anybody thinks, thats one of the traits i love about Nigerians...We don't send!!!

Who won't grab the opportunity of watching a movie at less than half of the price? Sometimes sef, i wish i still had my School Id so i can pay less, and am not ijebu!!!

So i went to see a movie with my colleagues and it was fun all the way, halfway into the movie, PHCN struck and we were in darkness for like 5mins. It was 5 mins of comedy galore......

Infact when we got there we met more of our colleagues, thats the extent at which Nigerians love awuff.

The good thing is that this type of awuff no dey run belle!!!


The election is starting on Saturday and from what i heard there won't be movement till later in the evening.

Am very glad cos what that simply means is that am having Saturday all to myself and i plan to sleep, clean, wash, cook..... the list is endless.

I am anticipating to have a "me" time so much and hopefully i will go out to cast my vote.

Truth is, am most interested in the gubernatorial and presidential elections and i hear that is next and upper week end. I shall cast my vote and not "Blezz my hand on the umblerra"

The week has been pretty hectic but it keeps getting better.


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nigerian Idol (2)

Now that Nigerian Idol is over, am wondering what the next talent show will be. I have actually been seeing an ad on Nigerians got talent. Am very sure the auditioning will be hilarious, those are the things i enjoy watching, trust me Nigerians are very funny people.

So yes, the best singer didn't win but the best entertainer won. I think Nigerians generally love to be entertained irrespective of what is being delivered. Yeka, wasn't fantastic when she auditioned for the show, but she obviously improved and impressed everyone. Naomi on the other hand was always on point, her voice was sonorous and the judges always complimented her and the audience always applauded her.

Yeka worked on herself and showed everyone that she has got talent and swagger and she went for it. She was so shocked when her name was announced because she felt Naomi deserved it. A hearty congratulations to you Yeka, Keep up the good job and hope to hear your songs very soon.


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Dbanj Iscariot!!!

My dear readers, hope you all are good? I have been pretty busy myself and have not had time to blog. Its been a very hectic week i must confess.

There are so many things i have been wanting to write about but i couldnt due to work and its kinda stale now sef but i shall still talk the talk....

The first one is about the upcoming elections. The real story is about the interview between Dbanj and GEJ. Just this morning i read about Eldee'S comment on the interview. In my opinion, i really cannot fault Dbanj, the young man is an entertainer and has obviously become the president's boy, he has performed at Mr. President campaigns and numerous dinner organized by PDP. So why would he refuse to grant Mr. President an interview? Its actually GEJ am disappointed in, whoever advised him to come up with that CRAP must really think we are retarded....

And yes, i can't forget Prof Wole Soyinka's statement about the set of people that will vote for PDP.
"Only 4 sets of people can vote for the PDP: (1) those who are intellectually blind; (2) those who are blinded by ethnicity; (3) those who are blinded by corruption and therefore afraid of the unknown, should power change hands; and finally (4) those who are suffering from a combination of the above terminal sicknesses.”

Please people, Don't plezz ya hand on the umblerra!!!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Bollywood Syndrome

I have been playing indian songs on youtube since monday, it really does bring back good memories. We so much loved indian movies when i was growing up, my mum infected everyone with the syndrome. The indian movies we had were countless back then it was on VHS and we watched indian movies everyday.

Apart from being infected by my mom, i grew up to like it too, my brother and i would sing all the songs as though we were indians. My favorite ones then were; Dharaam veer, Amar, Akbar Anthony, Yeh vaada raha, The burning train, Kalia, Mad, Yeh Nazdikiyan, Disco dancer, Hero, thats as far as i can remember. I really loved their songs, i loved the horses, i loved the sari, i loved their dance steps.

The new generation indian movies cannot be compared to my darling old ones, the movies i listed were produced in the 80's and i would give anything to have them back. I can't seem to connect with the new generation like i did with the very old ones.

Really would love to visit india someday and who knows, i might meet Amitabh Baachan.


Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I am not really into politics but I am very interested in the upcoming elections, I think maybe its because its my first time, I have never registered or voted before now and am sure its not just me, everyone I know is as interested as I am.

I have come to realize that my vote counts and even if my candidate does not win, I would be happy that I made my impact on my society but BRF had better win the gubernatorial o! Now I know who am voting as my president and I hope everyone has decided? I shall cast my vote for Buhari/Bakare and yes, the only thing I know about them is that Buhari was one a president during the military era and Pastor Tunde Bakare is the Founding Pastor of Latter rain assembly.

So why are my voting for them? I’m not gonna lie, for me , it just feels like the right thing to do, it could be that I am attaching sentiments because Pastor Tunde Bakare is a man of God . But am sure that I want PDP out.

Mr. President has never impressed me and sometimes I wonder why he wants to rule this nation for another four years, as far as I am concerned, he hasn’t done anything remarkable since he became president. How can he see nothing wrong in the First Lady’s grammatical blunders? That just reflects that he does not pay attention to little details in his immediate family and there is nothing more that pisses me off!!!

The campaign advert on TV is more annoying, so everyone is now Jonathan Goodluck? He has again chosen to capitalise on sentiments because I do not understand the reason why he would show off poor kids singing his praises, who doesn’t know that they are just kids who would sing anything on the sight of biscuit and sweet? He should come up with something credible for once, isi ginni?, all that does not werk for me and my name is not Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Period!!!

Let us vote for a change!!!

Vote BB

Pigs & Piglets!

Its kinda sad that I can’t write as much as I want to, work just seems to be taking all my time but am not complaining… thankful to God that I have a job. Blogging never start to dey pay my bills!
I spent the greater part of my weekend with pigs. Yes pigs!!! It was my first time and to my utmost surprise, it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. I visited a pen for the first time and was I scared? NO.

Like a lot of people would have expected, I zeroed my mind and thought I would throw up and just end up embarrassing myself, but none of that happened, I had fun.

Pigs are not as dirty as we all think. I expected them to be very filthy but that’s not what I saw, I saw beautiful creatures, God is really very creative. The piglets are even more beautiful, they are adorable creatures. The way they keep their heads up and they make this funny sound with their snout is really very cool. I went with my mom and I had an interesting tour. I discovered that pigs need water as much as a fish does, and they eat non-stop.

My visit to the pen has made me realize that things are not always as bad as we think they are, just like me, am sure a lot of people out there think that pigs are absolutely dirty, especially because we equate dirty people with pigs. But I am really very glad I went on that tour because am more enlightened about them.

And yes, Pig business is serious business.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Money! Money!! Money!!!

Hey people! Its been a very busy week mehn, i saw it coming anyways but i have missed sweetiliving. The good thing about being so busy is that the day ends very fast and right now, i have so many things in my head right now and i don't know how to start.

So yes, i had a talk with a friend about lending money to people, i think it is a good thing to help people in times of need. I have had experiences in the past relating to this issue and i think it is time be wise.

My personal opinion is that you should not lend somebody an amount you cannot part with, i stand to be corrected though, its just my opinion. But really, what can you do if the person doesn't pay back? Nothing! We all know that people can be very funny because it is at the time when they have promised to pay back that your calls will be avoided and your text messages won't be acknowledged and to top it, they give you an attitude. Courtesy here should imply that you should at least inform the good samaritan if repayment will be delayed.

Infact, i try not to lend money to people who i won't be able to ask when it falls due! yes o, i can't shout.

I would advise that we use our discretion because some people would just want to take advantage of you and play emotional which a lot of people fall for including me.

Anf if u really must help, make sure its an amount you can part with so you heart won't be broken. (Its just in case)

Monday, 7 March 2011

Beautiful imperfection

Hello people, am feeling very energetic this morning and i think its because i just had a bottle of sprite.....thats my substitute for water presently until someone comes up with a better idea.

I know the title of the blog sounds familiar, yeah yeah, its the title of Asa's album. Its just a mere coincidence, am not analysing her album...its a beautiful piece though.

I have come to realize that we all have shortcomings in different areas of our life, meaning that we are not 100% perfect in all we do. My pastor usually says that its bad to judge someone's weakness in your areas of strength and that is very TRUE. Your weakness could be anything; i have a friend who does not have a clue about dancing, infact he doesn't seem to understand the rhythm of a song, he just dances the way he understands and if dare watch him, you sef go miss your steps. I have another friend whose weakness is lying, He doesn't lie deliberately, infact most times he jokes about it but now it has become so real and its very difficult for him to deal with it. These are just a few examples, some people procrastinate, some oversleep, some over-eat, the list is endless mehn....

There is something beautiful and special about everybody though we all have our weaknesses, we should identify and develop our strengths. I have been cracking my head since yesterday trying to identify my weaknesses and i came up with a few which i have started working on.

My new year resolution is always constant and it is to be a better person, year in year out, i think every other resolution is encompassed around being a better person.

Don't let your weaknesses weigh you down, work on them especially if they are not in accordance with the word of God.


Saturday, 5 March 2011


Thoughts of Ayodele lingered in my mind this morning, as i remembered the times we spent together i just smiled to myself. I really miss him, i seriously do. Going down memory lane, i remember his love for pounded yam, that was his favorite food, whateva soup accompanied it did not matter to him. He also never joked with his meat, he loved bokoto and shaki with a passion!

He never took his family for granted, we were always number one on his list of priorities. He loved us and sure did a good job showing it. He made sure my brother and i had Ayo attached to our middle name and i am so glad he did because i am living my name and my joy has never and shall never cease in Jesus name.

I also remember his driving skills, chei, anyone who fell into his trap was a gunner. I loved going out with him so i found his driving quite exciting. He would overtake more than two cars at a time and would never, and i mean never allow any car to get in front of him. I used to hail him a lot in my mind. Gosh, i always enjoyed the ride with him especially if he was going to Victoria Island, I loved to see shopping malls, beautiful cars infact i was always looking outside the window. Thats not all, going out with him attracted nothing less than a meatpie from Mr. Biggs.

He believed in all werk and no play, i remember he hired lesson teachers for us from time to time, it was books all the way, the only time my brother and i could confidently watch t.v was when he was not home and as soon as we hear his car horn, we will immediately turn off the t.v and dash to our rooms.

God bless his soul, he never liked to see me around boys, infact i never slept outside our home until i gained admission into the university. No sleepovers rara....He was overly protective and i dare not talk to a boy if he was around. He would discipline me, thats his translation for "you are in trouble".

Sometimes, i imagine what life would have been if he was still around, i think about that a lot. Sometimes when i find myself doing some things, i remind myself that i wouldn't have dared it if he was around....its a kind of check and balance for me and so far so good, i think i have made him proud, yes o!!!

Love u dad...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bury yourself daily.......

This was a statement my Pastor made in church on sunday and hey, it doesn't imply suicide. It simply means that we should bury our flesh on a daily basis. The flesh and spirit are are constant war against themselves; the flesh makes us disobey the things of the spirit. The bible says that God is a spirit and we must worship him in spirit and in truth, this implies that our flesh restricts us from worshipping God the way He wants us to.

Burying our flesh daily means that we must nail it to the cross for it to experience the excruciating pains Jesus paid for our sins. It means laying aside every sin that easily besets us, It means to be christlike in every way and manner, It means thinking before acting and imagining Christ in that situation, It means taking the focus off ourselves and looking up to God the author and finisher of our faith, It means letting go of offenses, abuses, grievances, hatred, unforgiveness and every thing contrary to the fruits of the spirit.

Let us cling to the old rugged cross and exchange it someday for a crown.......thats my song of the day, God bless you George Bennard!


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Excitement galore

May God bless mama Tosin, this prayer is coming from the depth of my heart, can i hear an amen? Ok, may God bless our mothers, am sure the amen this time around is more resounding. May God bless her real good. Usually at the beginning of every month, she calls me very early in the morning and prays for me over the phone, isn't that a wonderful way to start the month? I only hope she doesn't stop when Mr. R comes around...I really hope it doesn't stop o because i no go gree!

Am very excited this month and i am anticipating many miracles, really trusting God for some awesome things. My excitement doesn't end here, my church is having another edition of Woman Cry out in Lekki Pennisular Hotel and i also have a wedding in Alausa both on the same day!!! I honestly don't know how i will merge the two events because it is very compulsory i attend both.

Today is also Daddy G.O'S birthday (Pastor Adeboye), i pray God continues to strengthen him and grant him many more years, Daddy G.O has been and is still a blessing to our nation. And finally, my friend and sister travelled and she'll be gone for 3 weeks, missing her already, i really wished we were travelling together, we would have made jest of everything and anything, honestly, thats how i felt before my cousin confirmed that it is the feeling you get when you see a loved one off to MM1. Ok, Tosin, first things first, get yourself an international passport biko!!!

So yes am back in the office and all i want right now is FOOD!!!