Friday, 13 September 2013

8 months!

Married life has been an amazing experience for me, it has been very sweet so far so good and i am grateful to God for how far he has brought us. I haven't really blogged about married life because my TK discovered my blog and bookmarked so it was kind of difficult writing about personal stuffs not because he asked me not to, i just wasn't sure if i was ready to go that route but i have good news, now i am readyyy!!!

It was eight months yesterday since we got married and it has not been easy but it has been worth it. TK and i were married but living single for a few months after we got married, it was a challenge not getting to be with each other like newly married couple should be after marriage. We made up for it and exhausted all the means of communication but you all know that  "if it is not panadol, it is not the same thing as panadol". People did not even help matters, there was never a day that i didn't hear questions like "Ehen, so what are your plans"?, "When are you going to join him"? "When is he coming to join you"?, "Do quick o"? "How are you coping"?, "Are you sure he is not cheating on you"? and so on. I got tired of answering those questions so i came up with an automated response which was "You will know when the time comes" or i could say "Very soon" depending on the tone of the question. But today, my story has changed and with Jesus' joy in my heart, i am glad to announce to you that that phase is OVER!!! Can i hear a Halleluyah?

Now i have started enjoying what my fellow iyawo; beautiful has been enjoying on the regular. I am beginning to sound like I love making love but i am sure TK will give you a completely different side to the story. Being married is a blessing, feels good to always know that there is someone who has got my back always.

I am grateful to God for so many things and i do not take any for granted. Below are the things i am grateful for;

1. Hubby does not snore
2. He is very domesticated
3. He is not over bearing
4. He is easy on food, you can literally feed him with bread and eggs everyday.
5. He loves to hang out with me and my friends
6. He is very considerate and very thoughtful.
7. He is generous
8. He does not keep malice like i do
9.He is way taller than i am (can't believe i wanted to kill myself on top of that my short ex)
10. He manages to watch Africa magic Yoruba.
11. He now reads blogs, he was too glad to read the post about hairnets and chicken bones by Naijahusband.

I hope i have been able to convince you and not confuse you that God is a good God. Till i come your way again next week hopefully, Keep reading!

p:s TK means Time Keeper.