Friday, 26 August 2011

Weddings & things!

Hey blogville,

Thank God its friday, yaaaayyy!

A lot of people always assume that when i put on TGIF as my status on bbm, it means that am partying hard over the weekend but that is hardly ever the case. Infact, i hardly party, though i love to dance and i do it mostly in the comfort of my 25ish square meters living room, but this weekend, i have a wedding.

Weddings i love, i enjoy reading wedding stories, i google as many wedding websites as possible and refresh bella naija like every hour to see if there is a new wedding story plus pictures. A friend thinks its a syndrome and believes it will disappear after i am married.

My mom is also anxiously waiting to be a grandma, she is praying and fasting that it happens soonest and i am also believing God that it happens soon.

And of course, most weddings come with aso ebi, and i have lost count of how many i have bought, there are even some i haven't sown. As a matter of fact i have started sowing some into people lives, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Also, i am always on a bridal train, i completely enjoy it especially when they are my close friends, why would i be on a train if the bride is not my padi-padi? I have done this so many times and i feel my services should no longer be free!(chilli please disregard)

After this wedding, i have another in Nnewi, thats somewhere in Anambra and its gonna be my first time in the eastern part of Nigeria which makes me look forward to it badly.

So today, the UN headquarters got bombed, its really sad and terrible.

We all must pray for Nigeria, Violence must stop!!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The proverbs 31 woman

Proverbs 31 describes the duties/responsibilities of a Godly woman in every ramification. I studied the scripture again very recently (thanks to my pastor) and i have a greater understanding of what God expects from women.

I understood that the proverbs 31 woman was not poor, she was a wealthy woman who was constantly clothed in fine linen and purple, a woman who invested her money wisely and whose arms were open to the poor. She was also very industrious because in verse 24, the bible says she makes fine linen garments and sells them.

She is also a hardworking woman, as wealthy as she was, she would wake up when its still dark, make food for her family and delegate chores to her servants.

I also understand that she is a very proactive woman who saves up for the rainy days, she has a line of activities daily and plans for her family. Verse 21 says that when it snows she has no fear for her household for all of them are clothed in scarlet.

The bible also says in verse 26b that she speaks in wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue, she is also clothed in strength and dignity and she can laugh at the days to come.

She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children and her husband calls her blessed.

Conclusively, the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Now the real life situation.

A Godly woman must not be necessarily poor, the proverbs 31 woman was very hardworking and invested her money wisely. She didn't wear rags but always dresses well. She was also a very industrious woman who makes clothes and sells them.

She was not lazy. With the number of maidservants i can imagine her to have, she still woke up early and delegated their chores to them. The city type of life that exists now is to have a nanny, a cook, a drycleaner, a security man, a house maid, an errand boy etc without doing anything. Like my pastor said, its not bad having all of those but we should not allow that take over our role in the home. Some kids have never seen their mothers enter the kitchen and such children will grow up to be lazy and believe that their meals must always be prepared by someone else.

The proverbs 31 woman is a wise woman, she saves for the rainy days and is never stranded, she doesn't eat with her ten fingers (yoruba proverb translated to english).

She always minds her business and does not sit around for idle gossip. She spends her time watching and catering for her household.

She doesn't speak anyhow, she speaks with wisdom and weighs every word that comes out of her mouth.

Her husband and her children call her blessed.

The woman who fears the Lord must be praised.

The word of God is just very complete. There is a word that addresses every situation and when this was talked about in church, it made an impression in my heart.

Very recently, i listened to a toothpaste advert on radio and a mother told her son to brush before he goes to bed, the son begged his mom that he was sleepy already and she offered that they brush together. I thought deeply after that advert because i do not brush before i go to bed, i brush only the morning.

I wondered how i would train my kids to always brush their teeth before they go to bed because ordinarily, children learn by examples, then an idea creeped into my mind. I'll tell them that they must always brush in the mornings and in the evenings until they are as old as i am.


Monday, 15 August 2011


It was 5 years yesterday since Ayodele passed on.

Thinking back, it feels like yesterday. I was awakened by my mom's phone call yesterday morning. After speaking to her, i prayed and i thanked God for keeping my family thus far.

God has been very faithful, his steadfast love never ceases. I also testified in church about God's faithfulness (and as usual my heart almost popped out when it was my turn). I could see the sad look on people's faces as i was giving my testimony of the events that followed after Ayodele passed on.

The testimony was not to make people feel sorry for me or feel sad, it was more of a thanksgiving about how God has been there for my family. Growing up, i remember how attached i was to my dad and when he passed on, it felt as though my whole world had ended, my future looked bleak without him in it, but here i am today, God has put a smile on my face and filled the vacuum.

The rest of the service was awesome, may God bless Pastor Olu Banure, the sermon was fantastic! There is nothing as good as listening to an anointed preacher with a good sense of humor.

We miss you Ayodele....

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Worst date

I got the inspiration of this post from an article i read. I had a colleague tell me about her WORST date and here is her story...

She agrees to see a movie with this dude after much persuasion. When they arrived at the cinema, she realized that at every opportunity he got, he would always want to put his hands over her shoulders which was making her slouch as she was taller. He obviously knew it made her uncomfortable but he wouldn't let go!

The dude was so rough and clumsy and would drag her arm to get her attention, my dear friend was so uncomfortable that she could not wait for the movie to be over!!!

Here is another story i found very hilarious and i thought i should share........courtesy BN

Dotun – Wrong Girl
I had gone to the club with my friends and it was one of our usual wild nights. In the blur of things, I got a couple of numbers/BB Pins. There was a particular girl that stood out. She was a stunner and we had danced then whispered in each other’s ears for a couple of minutes.

We had swapped BB pins so then next day, I sent her a message. We chatted and I set up a date. Note that her photo on BB was a cute baby photo. After work, I rushed home and changed into a fresh shirt, shaved my beard and was ready. I picked a restaurant to impress and was ready!

Because she worked close by, she was to meet me at the restaurant. A few minutes after I sat at our table, she called to say she had arrived. I was excited and stood up to give her the customary Lagos pecks and hug and guess what – it was the WRONG girl! I did not recognize this girl and she definitely was not my weekend stunner. At that point, my mojo was off its course. I didnt even know how to react. I know it is shallow but I hate surprises. The girl seemed nice enough but she wasn’t who I was expecting. She seemed older than me and there were just too many things off. I couldn’t even concentrate. We had a few drinks but when we were about to order dinner, I told her my boss had sent me a text to rush over to the office to complete an urgent report. Paid for the drinks, left and deleted her off BB. After that date, I definitely cut down on drinking on my nights out.


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mrs. Otono!!!

I miss big brother, i honestly do.

I have had my eyes glued to channel 198 in the last three months and refused to watch any other station on dstv. I naturally love television, i love reality tv shows and so far big brother has been the most entertaining for me.

This year's big brother was a lot of entertainment, am glad Karen won, she was indeed the most amplified housemate. I was seriously addicted and also infected my close friends with the addiction, even my mum sef fell in love with the show! It was only my brother who refused to be bitten by the bug, he just couldn't understand the big deal about Big brother.

The grand finale was on sunday and i couldn't wait to get home, i wasn't in town and i had many miles to cover before 6pm. Got home before 6pm and couldn't just wait for the show to start, i had so many butterflies in my belly as i could not imagine Karen (Mrs.Otono) not winning.

Now i have a confession, infact i have learnt a lesson. It is bad to judge a book by its cover. I disliked Karen with so much passion and i made sure none of my friends liked her too. Three weeks into the show, i had a change of mind, i realized that she had a large and compassionate heart. Yes, i had to change my friends' mind too, but this time i didn't have to work too hard because we all felt the same way.

Back to the story, Karen and Wendall won 200,000USD each and i am very happy and proud of her. I really pray that Karen embraces God and becomes a new creature, she will indeed be a blessing to the body of Christ. I pray it happens soon too!

Welcome to August!!!