Saturday, 19 February 2011

My heart has been mended!

Yesterday started pretty well and ended with me almost wanting to explode! I work in an office where am exposed to very angry clients and i meet them all the time..... I have actually gotten used to them and their rantings but yesterday was the height of it. I received an email from a woman who was asking if i and the rest of my team were out of our minds. Chei, i was angryyyyyyyy! i replied her of course.......was polite in a dangerous way and i was super confident that she would dare not reply.

Was still angry on my way home, then i played a song on my car tape (i never get cd player), its actually one of my favourite songs by MNC and it mended my heart, na so the anger disappear o.

Am actually glad that i have discovered a way to get out of my anger and i think y'all should try it out too.....Play one of your favourite songs and see what happens!


  1. told u already that I like ur writing. and reading ur blogs, just realised its like reading through an open book about a story u already know. I pray that this medium will be a blessing to many others and inspire men unto righteousness in Christ. Amen