Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Nigerian Idols....

Over the weekend specifically on sunday i watched Nigerian Idols. I didn't follow the show from the beginning but now it has become very interesting and competitive and there are only seven contestants left in the competition.

I must confess that i found sunday's episode very interesting. The contestants sang different songs by Micheal Jackson and i was really impressed. Because of my love for music, av come to love musical inclined shows. Three of the contestants who got my full attention were Naomi, Alex and Bibi, they sang Heal the world, you are not alone and speechless respectively. Naomi Mac's performance was breathtaking, gosh, i wish i could sing like her she has got what it takes and honestly, this chic really inspires me.

I think the show is not bad, am impressed though we all know its an imitation of American Idols but really, Kinni big deal? What don't we imitate? We are proud imitators jare!

The only BUT i have is Yinka Davies, She tends to over-do things a lot and i always mute my tv anytime she has anything to say, abeg, she has her freedom of speech but na me get my TELLY....

Really want you guys to try and watch it, Its 9pm on Stv every sunday.

Lemme know what you think about it.


  1. i love watching talent shows too but i have not really watched the nigerian idols. will try to watch the last few episodes.

  2. Nigerian idols is quite interesting. its a platform for talented singers and d competition is so stiff. i bet chimdimma the winner of Mtn Project Fame 2010 wouldn't have made it to the quarter finals if she was on the show, not to mention the Peak Talent Hunt The sound production is super, the mix is wonderful, the mics re super and then the picture quality is a vision for the eyes.

  3. bee, u just spoke my mind. Nigerian Idols the best talent hunt show in Nigeria...