Friday, 18 February 2011

in the beginning....

Feels good to be here and most especially to have an avenue to express myself writing. Thats my reason for being here and i really hope i will inspire someone somehow.

Life and living is simply an avenue to think outside the box and discover what life is really about and of course enjoying each passing day. Reflecting on daily activities and discovering oneself and our achievables.

One of my favorite quotes is that if you can work hard, you can achieve it, not also forgetting that with God all things are possible.

Hope this doesn't sound so much like a presidential speech (lol). 

Here is my brief introduction.........there is so much more to life.

Lotsa love.


  1. Very very nice. Hmmmm..... Love dis and I so toootally agree with you, there is indeed so much 2 life.

    By d way I jst felt inspired..