Monday, 21 February 2011

Eko o ni baje!!!

In the upcoming elections, the only thing am sure of is voting for Babatunde Raji Fashola. I don't even know any candidate running for Governor asides him in Lagos and i will strongly advise them to invest their money on other businesses because Lagosians are re-electing BRF and yes, am speaking the minds of more than 80% Lagosians!

Seriously, why won't i re-elect him? He is the only Governor i have known who knows that there is a place called Iju in Lagos. Who wouldn't be grateful for the construction being carried out on that road, That road has caused its residents lots of money to change tyres and Shock absorbers. The potholes were innumerable which left the road hardly motorable.

BRF has put a smile on the faces of those who ply that route on the regular and to think of the fact that it isnt even completed yet, who would risk wasting his/her votes on an aspirant who would want to start a fresh project and abandon what the former Governor started??? Ko jor!

As for presidency, am trusting God to give us the president that will be profitable to our nation. GEJ has not impressed me so far as i am concerned all he has been doing is translating his first name like we don't all know the meaning.

So my Lagos people, lets vote for BRF if not for any reason but for the sake of the completion of Iju road.



  1. Fashola has my vote 100 percent. He is focused and to an extent incorruptible. He has shown Lagosians and Nigerians as a whole that he can indeed perform. Eko O Ni Baje o1

  2. oh that road, iju - ishaga. i will never forget how horrid and offensive that route was. it takes a greater love to visit anyone on that axis of lagos.

    i hope and pray that one day we the people of alimosho/oshodi-isolo will have the cause to rejoice.

    eko o ni baje..... vote BRF for a dream lagos!!!