Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My daily routine.

I have two alarms, one rings at 5.30am while the other one rings at 6am. Most times, i stick to 6am, cos in a funny way, the sleep always get sweeter at 5.30.

I say my morning prayers and get out of bed. I shower get dressed and am ready to go. I get to work, we say our prayers and i log in to youtube and search for my songs for the day. Today's search was: Obey, Lucky Dube and Eric Donaldson. Youtube is the only way i get to listen to music and my computer has stopped playing cd's.

I always have lunch between 12pm and 2pm and depending on what i eat i might stop being productive. Work continues and i start looking forward to 5.30pm.

I close from work, get home, go jogging if i feel guilty, go to church if there is a service, or watch E! or Africa Magic till i fall asleep.

That is how my day goes and it is NOT boring!

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