Friday, 25 February 2011

Why are we here?

This is a question i constantly ask myself, why am i here? Do we really know why were are where we are? Why are we in that situation? why are we in that company? why are we in that school? why are we in that church? I believe there is a purpose behind any situation we may find ourselves. Open heavens today was about provoked famine. It was about a famine in Isreal which King David thought was normal, the famine continued for three years and it was not until he sought God's face that he knew the reason.

I have learnt today that when things begin to go wrong with me, i should seek God's face, There is always a reason behind every situation, things doesn't just happen accidentally. You might have that job because God wants you to learn something you would need later in life. You might be in that church because there is a blessing God has in store for you there!

One thing i know for sure is that God has answers to every question we have, all we need do is seek his face and He is always ready to answer us. He knows the number of strands of hair we have on our head, so tell me WHAT DOESN'T HE KNOW???

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  1. I know that feeling and many times i always have to remind myself that everything happens for a reason and according to God's plan either we like it or not...true talk T, true talk!!!!!