Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Worst date

I got the inspiration of this post from an article i read. I had a colleague tell me about her WORST date and here is her story...

She agrees to see a movie with this dude after much persuasion. When they arrived at the cinema, she realized that at every opportunity he got, he would always want to put his hands over her shoulders which was making her slouch as she was taller. He obviously knew it made her uncomfortable but he wouldn't let go!

The dude was so rough and clumsy and would drag her arm to get her attention, my dear friend was so uncomfortable that she could not wait for the movie to be over!!!

Here is another story i found very hilarious and i thought i should share........courtesy BN

Dotun – Wrong Girl
I had gone to the club with my friends and it was one of our usual wild nights. In the blur of things, I got a couple of numbers/BB Pins. There was a particular girl that stood out. She was a stunner and we had danced then whispered in each other’s ears for a couple of minutes.

We had swapped BB pins so then next day, I sent her a message. We chatted and I set up a date. Note that her photo on BB was a cute baby photo. After work, I rushed home and changed into a fresh shirt, shaved my beard and was ready. I picked a restaurant to impress and was ready!

Because she worked close by, she was to meet me at the restaurant. A few minutes after I sat at our table, she called to say she had arrived. I was excited and stood up to give her the customary Lagos pecks and hug and guess what – it was the WRONG girl! I did not recognize this girl and she definitely was not my weekend stunner. At that point, my mojo was off its course. I didnt even know how to react. I know it is shallow but I hate surprises. The girl seemed nice enough but she wasn’t who I was expecting. She seemed older than me and there were just too many things off. I couldn’t even concentrate. We had a few drinks but when we were about to order dinner, I told her my boss had sent me a text to rush over to the office to complete an urgent report. Paid for the drinks, left and deleted her off BB. After that date, I definitely cut down on drinking on my nights out.


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