Thursday, 10 November 2011

Enough is enough!

I read on Linda Ikeji's blog yesterday about the manslaughter in Yobe state, over 150 people lost their lives, i have never been so distraught in my entire life. When will this killing stop? Why are corps members still posted to the north? Why isn't the government doing anything about it? Is this how innocent people will continue to loose their lives?

The news of the female corp member that was killed is most disheartening, i cannot imagine what her family is going through right now. I was also posted to Yobe in 2009 for my NYSC. I had no intention of staying after my orientation, and i was priviledged to fall under the batch that had their orientation for just two weeks. I tried to re-deploy but that didn't work even after submitting the doctor's report that mentioned me as being asthmatic, i wasn't surprised though because i know that redeploying to Lagos doesn't come easily, besides that was just one of my many plans...

After the orientation, our posting was out and i was posted to Fika Local Government, i didn't care because i had no plan on staying in Yobe besides, i already had a job waiting for me in Lagos.

My plan was to settle my Zonal Inspector monthly and vamoose but then i was told that the ZI in Fika was a difficult person, so i had to relocate to another LG. I chose Potiskum which i found very easy, i did what i had to do and i fled.

I enjoyed every minute i spent in Yobe and i think i would have stayed back if i didn't have a job back here, it felt good to be away from home, i was super excited to explore the north, and i also had the opportunity of visiting my friend in Kano.

Now Boko Haram has made it impossible for Nigerians to explore the Northern part of the country, if they stopped at that it would have been fine but this act of genocide is a total calamity.

My pastor in church always says that Boko Haram is closer than we think. I used to wander how close it could get, now i understand what he means, the more we know people who are affected, the closer it gets to US.

I don't know what the government is doing about this but i believe in the power of prayer and i implore everyone to continually pray for Nigeria, evil must not prevail in our land.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace and may God comfort their families.


  1. May God comfort the family of the corp member....its such a sad story! I dont kno y they'd keep posting corpers to these unsafe northern states! i cant imagine what her parents would be goin thru right now...
    I pray this our 'beloved' president wld man up and take some serious action against this boko haram nonsense!

  2. Amen and Amen. May God continue to have mercy!

  3. @ Atoskin, it's rly many innocent pple ve been slain..May God comfort her family including those of the departed...@Chy, i tell u o, i rly pray serious actn is taken against dem so dat peace can reign... and may God cont to have mercy on us all!Amen.