Saturday, 5 March 2011


Thoughts of Ayodele lingered in my mind this morning, as i remembered the times we spent together i just smiled to myself. I really miss him, i seriously do. Going down memory lane, i remember his love for pounded yam, that was his favorite food, whateva soup accompanied it did not matter to him. He also never joked with his meat, he loved bokoto and shaki with a passion!

He never took his family for granted, we were always number one on his list of priorities. He loved us and sure did a good job showing it. He made sure my brother and i had Ayo attached to our middle name and i am so glad he did because i am living my name and my joy has never and shall never cease in Jesus name.

I also remember his driving skills, chei, anyone who fell into his trap was a gunner. I loved going out with him so i found his driving quite exciting. He would overtake more than two cars at a time and would never, and i mean never allow any car to get in front of him. I used to hail him a lot in my mind. Gosh, i always enjoyed the ride with him especially if he was going to Victoria Island, I loved to see shopping malls, beautiful cars infact i was always looking outside the window. Thats not all, going out with him attracted nothing less than a meatpie from Mr. Biggs.

He believed in all werk and no play, i remember he hired lesson teachers for us from time to time, it was books all the way, the only time my brother and i could confidently watch t.v was when he was not home and as soon as we hear his car horn, we will immediately turn off the t.v and dash to our rooms.

God bless his soul, he never liked to see me around boys, infact i never slept outside our home until i gained admission into the university. No sleepovers rara....He was overly protective and i dare not talk to a boy if he was around. He would discipline me, thats his translation for "you are in trouble".

Sometimes, i imagine what life would have been if he was still around, i think about that a lot. Sometimes when i find myself doing some things, i remind myself that i wouldn't have dared it if he was around....its a kind of check and balance for me and so far so good, i think i have made him proud, yes o!!!

Love u dad...

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  1. This is rly swt...quite touching. I am sure you ve made him proud indeed. cheers gurl!