Friday, 18 March 2011

Bollywood Syndrome

I have been playing indian songs on youtube since monday, it really does bring back good memories. We so much loved indian movies when i was growing up, my mum infected everyone with the syndrome. The indian movies we had were countless back then it was on VHS and we watched indian movies everyday.

Apart from being infected by my mom, i grew up to like it too, my brother and i would sing all the songs as though we were indians. My favorite ones then were; Dharaam veer, Amar, Akbar Anthony, Yeh vaada raha, The burning train, Kalia, Mad, Yeh Nazdikiyan, Disco dancer, Hero, thats as far as i can remember. I really loved their songs, i loved the horses, i loved the sari, i loved their dance steps.

The new generation indian movies cannot be compared to my darling old ones, the movies i listed were produced in the 80's and i would give anything to have them back. I can't seem to connect with the new generation like i did with the very old ones.

Really would love to visit india someday and who knows, i might meet Amitabh Baachan.


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