Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Rain rain go away!!!!

It rained and rained and rained on sunday.

Unfortunately i was on the road, and it felt as though the gravity of the shower would break my windscreen. I have never driven under such heavy downpour, my vision was so blurred, i was on third mainland bridge, and i was seriously freaking out.

I descended the bridge and got to Kingsway road and was amazed at the flood i saw. I was muttering prayers that my car wouldn't stop because already my exhaust was buried in the flood and i could feel the force at which the flood was moving under my car.There was so much traffic and all i could do was just to pray as i couldn't imagine being stranded under the heavy rain and mighty flood.

I can only thank God for taking me home safely.

I have never seen such rain in my entire life, it rained for close to 12 hours.

So many homes were flooded, electronics were damaged, furnitures were soaked and some cars were submerged in water. I even heard in the news that some people died as a result of the flood.

It was really bad, Lagos was flooded on sunday. and i couldn't help but imagine the state of mind of BRF, he must have been so worried. I still think he is doing a fantastic job because Iju road has been totally transformed.

May God continue to bless BRF!!!

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