Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mrs. Otono!!!

I miss big brother, i honestly do.

I have had my eyes glued to channel 198 in the last three months and refused to watch any other station on dstv. I naturally love television, i love reality tv shows and so far big brother has been the most entertaining for me.

This year's big brother was a lot of entertainment, am glad Karen won, she was indeed the most amplified housemate. I was seriously addicted and also infected my close friends with the addiction, even my mum sef fell in love with the show! It was only my brother who refused to be bitten by the bug, he just couldn't understand the big deal about Big brother.

The grand finale was on sunday and i couldn't wait to get home, i wasn't in town and i had many miles to cover before 6pm. Got home before 6pm and couldn't just wait for the show to start, i had so many butterflies in my belly as i could not imagine Karen (Mrs.Otono) not winning.

Now i have a confession, infact i have learnt a lesson. It is bad to judge a book by its cover. I disliked Karen with so much passion and i made sure none of my friends liked her too. Three weeks into the show, i had a change of mind, i realized that she had a large and compassionate heart. Yes, i had to change my friends' mind too, but this time i didn't have to work too hard because we all felt the same way.

Back to the story, Karen and Wendall won 200,000USD each and i am very happy and proud of her. I really pray that Karen embraces God and becomes a new creature, she will indeed be a blessing to the body of Christ. I pray it happens soon too!

Welcome to August!!!

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