Monday, 21 February 2011

My proclaimed ADDICTION....

I was inspired by a client recently. She is a grandmum in her 50's and she looks 30. I actually saw her reading a book and i asked if she was a nutritionist and she said no, that she just loves to read about health and further said that she loves to exercise. I could not believe my ears. A grandmum @ 50? You need to see her, she is slim and very athletic, she further said that she swims twice a week and jogs everyday. She mostly feeds on fruits and vegetables and i wasn't surprised cos her skin was glowing.

I became inspired because gosh am far younger than she is and she is done having kids and still looks that good. I have determined (so help me God) to exercise as often as i can and to always be in shape.

I don't wanna look 80 when am 40 (God forbid) and so a determined to do whatever it takes to keep fit. So now i have started jogging, infact the more i eat, the more distance i must cover while jogging. Yes, thats the rule!!!

I would advise everyone to keep fit and eat healthily. Our body really doesn't require the large meals we consume most of the time. We should make it a point of duty to be healthy and Fit.

Exercise must become my ADDICTION!!!


  1. An addiction?? I so have to get addicted to something. lol. In this case you seem to have redefined the word addiction. (Pple have ds notion dt its a bad thing) Please keep up the addiction!

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