Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Nothing but the truth!!!

There are things i would like to share today and believe me, its nothing but the truth:

1. I don't enjoy driving long distances. Don't get me wrong, i drive long distances when av got no choice but i don't enjoy it one bit.

2. I don't have an international passport. Well what this means is that i have never gone out of the shores of Nigeria ,ok, the farthest i have gone is Yobe all thanks to NYSC! It is shameful i don't have one and thats the power procastination has over people, You never get things done!!!

3. I don't like water. Yes i know its bad, i have been trying my best to like it but its soooo hard now because my sweet tooth has destroyed my taste buds to the extent that water tastes very bitter.

4. I love good music. I can't enumerate all that music does to me. When a song i love is being played, the atmosphere for me changes.

5. I love dancing. Am not a quarter as good as Kaffi but i sha love to dance and don't worry i dance to the rhythm.

6. We are all familiar with the fact that i love watching tv, but am repeating myself again, I love tv, u all know my favorite channel.

7. I love my job. I love everything about it, the challenges, the angry clients and everything it entails. It makes each day interesting!

8. I love puff-puff, its a sunday routine now and of course i jog it out. If i must eat the food, then i must be ready to do the WORK!!!

9. I don't listen to the radio, i know its bad but i'ld rather play my favourite music while driving than listening to the radio. So if anyone is sending me a request on radio, biko call me so u'ld be sure i'ld hear it...

10. I love cars o, I love very good cars, from BMW, Mercedez, Chevrolet, Cayenne, Durango, Escalade, avalanche...the list is endless and just in case Mr.R is reading, these cars no be criteria o!!!

11. I am in love with horror movies,it is the only kind of movie you can guarantee i'll watch without dozing off.

12. I don't follow sports be it soccer, tennis, basket ball. I tried being a chelsea fan once due to the pressure of loving a football club but it turned out that i took a match we lost very personal and i ended up being depressed for days. I made up my mind after then that mo sports for me, notwithstanding, i shall support whichever club Mr. right loves.

13. I influence my friends with my addictions, this happens all the time and many of them can testify. You must love my kind of wine, food, tv programmes.....the list is endless! Even my mom has become a victim...hehehehe

14. Finally, i love my church. Don't mind that its last on the list, i just saved the best for the last. The minute i step into Mercyplace, I become so happy, you would think i just won a lotto. I love to be in God's presence, I don't experience that joy anywhere else.

Have a a fantastic day people.


  1. these are the countless reasons why i luv you..... and not to worry, mr. right is sure around the corner reading and would love your flair for cars.

  2. I totally agree with you on no 7 and 10. I must come to your room very Sunday now O. You are in big trouble.