Friday, 7 December 2012

A different look

So I got tired of rocking my low cut and then decided to fix a weave. After almost seven months of wearing my natural hair, it felt very strange being in the saloon. I though of getting a make-over so I decided to fix bohemian curls. The outcome was really nice  as it gave me an "omawunmi" kind of look (i'm sure you get the picture). I also liked the fact that everyone took second glances at me.

I still have the weave on and I want to appreciate my ever loyal "hair scratcher" for helping me keep my sanity. It is not easy to be a woman, my scalp has itched the living daylight out of me, there are times it gets so bad that I would think I'm going crazy. There must be something that prevents itchy scalps whenever one is wearing a weave, anyone with any information on such products should not hesitate to contact me.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by....

Monday, 12 November 2012

How i almost got disgraced!

I was very close to being publicly disgraced about two weeks ago.

I took a few hours off work to get some items in Lagos island, balogun market to be specific. On my way, i realized i was really farting but i was all alone by myself in the car so i allowed my fart to flow freely to the extent that i was almost choking me,it was at that point that i gave myself brain and turned off the ac so i could wind down the windows. This was very unusual because i hadn't had anything to eat and i didn't have dinner the previous night, so i was wondering what was going on, little did i know that nature had a surprise waiting for me.

I got to the market, parked my car and started my journey, i started walking and i was still farting, but this time around, i had to control it and made it as noiseless as possible,(i'm sure y'all know what i mean]. Then all of a sudden, it felt like the pressure of the fart made a u-turn to my stomach and i started having cramps. I managed to continue walking until i got to my destination, i took a seat and waited for the woman to bring out what i wanted to buy, then i started sweating profusely and couldn't concentrate, the woman was also taking so much time and i told her that i had to leave and promised her i would come back. My plan was to look for the nearest toilet available to "do the deed" but the woman obviously felt that i wanted to leave without patronising her so i had to drop the polythene bag i was holding as surety.

I stepped out of her shop and started looking for a bike to take me to the nearest eatery, i stood and was wondering why there was no bike and then i remembered that our dear Governor had banned bikes. So i started walking towards an eatery and at this point i felt like i was going to poo in my pants, to make matters worse i was wearing a skirt and i knew if it happened there will be no barrier for the poo.

I got to Tastee Fried Chicken and there was a crowd there, it was around break time and so there were a lot of men and women dressed in suit having lunch. I knew where the rest room was but i didn't want to make it obvious by going there immediately, so i decided to join the queue for food, then after a few minutes, i headed for the restroom. When i got there, there was a woman who just got into the toilet and as soon as she entered, she exclaimed "Ki-ni eleyi?, ko si omi ni toilet yi sha" meaning what is this? there is no water in this toilet! My jaw almost dropped, i immediately made a u-turn and dashed out. I then decided to try out chicken republic, which was 3 minutes walk from tfc, i crossed the road and walked into chicken republic and as soon as i got in, i looked round and saw more good looking guys having lunch,then i composed myself and tried to look normal. I looked round and couldn't find their restroom so i joined the queue. When it was my turn, i ordered chik wizz because i knew that it would take about 10 minutes to be ready for it to be ready so in the meantime, my plan was to use their restroom then come back for my order. After i made my order, like i predicted, the cashier/attendant told me it will take 10 minutes so i said ok, and asked for where the restroom was and he said it was outside the building, i managed to compose myself and co-ordinate my fart as i headed for the door. I stepped out and asked the security man at the door for the restroom and in his words he said "Madam, the toilet no work today", i thought i didn't hear him clearly so i asked again and he repeated the same words and i said thank you. At that point i just felt like crying because i didn't know what else to do, I was devastated, i couldn't imagine pooing in my pants, different kind of thoughts came to my mind as i stood in front of chicken republic thinking of the next line of action.

I looked across and i saw gtbank. I then remembered that i know someone who works there, i crossed the road and entered the bank. It was also crowded as usual so i approached the security personnel and mentioned the name of the person i wanted to see to him. He responded and said “She no dey this branch again, they don transfer her since March”. As soon as I heard that I just concluded within myself that I was really gonna poo in my pants. I knew I could use their restroom but I didn’t know how to go about it. I chilled for some seconds and then walked up to the same security personnel again and asked if I could use the restroom, he pointed to it and I walked towards it, the location is pretty obvious but it covered by a banner so I didn't see it early enough. As soon as I stepped in, I checked if there was water and tissue and after I realized that there was, I proceeded to do the DEED, it was such a relief. I timed myself because I didn’t want anyone watching me to have the impression that I was pooing, so I ensured I was done in approximately 4 mins.

After I finished, I walked briskly towards the door and took a deep breath, I retraced myself to my customers shop, got what I needed to get and headed to the car park, got into the car and drove off.

I always hear stories like this but never experienced it, this is one I will not forget in a LONG TIME, more than ever before i am convinced that "Shit business is serious business".

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Jon & Kate Plus 8

Hi people,

How is everyone doing today? i'm back from my daku daji stunts again, things are just happening so very fast, the days are rolling by with top speed and then before you say Jack Robinson, the day is over, i'm sure you get my drift..

Planning a wedding is not easy at all and hiring a wedding planner is not cheap either, it is fun, stressful, and will drain you emotionally. For me, One minute i'm excited, the next minute, i'm not so excited, I just cant wait for this cup to pass over me.

I was heartbroken today, infact i'm still heartbroken. The rate of divorce these days is alarming, my favourite reality show couple, Jon & Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus 8 are divorced!!!. I just discovered the show a few months ago and i became addicted. The couple Jon and Kate had a set of twins initially and after three years or so, they had another set of sextuplets making eight children altogether.

I loved them and their kids, they just had something special that i cannot even begin to describe. So with all the preamble i just gave, you can imagine the shock i got when i read that they are divorced, imagine, hearing that bad news on a Monday morning, it really spoilt my day and i am still not over it.

I have been trying to imagine how their children will feel and what perception those kids will have about marriage, to think that they got divorced the same day they filed for a seperation still beats me, they didnt even give their marriage a chance at all to see if they could work things out. To say the least, the news really upset me.

Moving on, a lot has happened in the last few days, my wedding is getting closer. My weekends are worse than weekdays now because i'm always on the move, meeting up with my vendors and driving the length and breadth of Lagos.

My wedding dress has finally arrived, it is beautiful, i was close to tears when i tried it on, it dawned on me again that i was really getting married. I wore my dress for close to 45mins dancing in it.

Everything is falling into place gradually, my hairline is back and my hair is growing very fast. There are just a few things left to be done and i'm good to go.

Thanks for reading and please remember me in your prayers.

p:s. In the real terms, they got divorced in 2009 but of course you know how reality shows work.

Picture source from google images

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Hi people, my next post like i promised in my last post was meant to be about my introduction but i got tagged in the elevens by my americana friend Kiah.

Please enjoy....

1. I hate driving long distances with or without traffic.
2. My favorite colour is pink.
3. I am the first child of two children.
4. I have a bow leg (You will never know except i tell you)
5. I don't have a favorite meal, i make anything i feel like eating at any particular time.
6. I don't like drinking water.(a bottle of cascade can last me for more than one week)
7. I love cars and i know them my name, year and model. I can tell the name of a car from a distance
8. I am short sighted and so i cant drive at night without my glasses.
9. I am addicted to watching tv, i would rather stay at home watching tv than hanging out with my friends.
10. I used to "chest" strokes of cane back in secondary school. Chest(ing) is the act of receiving several strokes of cane and not shedding a tear.
11. I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes, 9jafoodie inspires me a lot.

Kiah's questions.

1. Earliest sex experience (confess & describe) I'm sorry i can't disclose that kain information on this platform, u wan destroy my political career ni?
2. Kinkiest sex thrill - Nil
3. Proudest body part - My fingers
4. Wildest sexcapade - Not applicable
5. What would you change about yourself..makes you insecure? My hips
6. How many true friends do you have? Visible - 5, invisible - 3
7. What are trying to achieve in your life right now? Plan my wedding
8. What are you afraid of? God hasn't given me the spirit of fear.
9. Why (do) you believe in God? Because God can never fail.
10.If a movie were made about your life, what would the theme song be? My favorite things.
11. Greatest accomplishment in life? Being a line manager.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Guess who is engaged?

This post is about 3 months late, it took a while deciding whether or not to post, I finally decided and here i am!

I am engaged, woohooo!!!!! My timekeeper has proposed and i said yessss!!!

You all remember the story of how we met, if you can't, you can read it here.

So i went visiting my timekeeper in February, we planned to spend valentine's day together so the trip was around that time.

A day before he proposed, we had a little quarrel, i was so upset so i went to bed while he kept watching tv. I tossed and turned on the bed but the sleep refused to come, i tried getting his attention by sneezing and coughing in between but he was just too engrossed in the movie he was watching. So i just gave up until the sleep finally came.

The next morning, i told him i was hurt and we made up by me making a scrumptious breakfast to make up for the previous night's dinner that i didn't prepare. We spent the rest of the day watching roots by "alex haley". I kind of knew he would propose during my stay, i just didn't know when exactly and how. In between the movie, he asked if i wanted anything to drink to which i said yes, "i want coke".

So he went to get my drink and his and unknown to me, he also went to get the ring, he came back with the drinks and knelt down beside me, i was too engrossed in in my kunta kinte movie so i didn't even see what he was doing until he said "Will you marry me"? I turned and was speechless, the first thing i said was "No you didn't" and then i said "Yes i will". He brought the ring out of the case and slid it on my finger. I couldn't still believe that he got my perfect size because i deliberately travelled with several fancy rings that i thought he might use as a sample, but he never did.

I just couldn't stop smiling so we kissed and hugged. And as soon as i recovered from the shock, i asked me to give me a few minutes, took a picture of my finger with my blackberry and sent it to my friends. My full battery lasted for less than 30 minutes after i sent the picture.

I never expected my proposal to be dramatic as my timekeeper doesn't like drama, he is very simple. Infact he has been begging me already not to over dance at our wedding.

We called our parents and siblings who were also delighted to hear the news and the rest is history.

Wedding plans have commenced and things are going on smoothly. Many thanks to doll, she has been very helpful.

Blogville is filled with amazing people, i have made friends here and even though we have never met, they are part of my life already.

My next blog post will be about my introduction. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My worst fear!

Hi people, i'm back again with my dakudaji moves. I want to say a big thank you to the people who commented in my 2nd to the
last post, you guys are amazing!

I made a painful decision about my hair, i visited a barber's shop and the rest is history.

I think its was best to grow my hair all over again,my receeding hairline was becoming catastrophic.

It was a very tough decision and i tried not to tell so many people my plans cause i didn't want anyone to discourage me, no on would have been able to anyway because my mind was already made up.

Here is a picture of my hair, my boss thinks i look like Fidho Didho.

Infact i have many nicknames now but i really do not mind,i did what is best for my hair, and now i can confidently say its growing.

Sometimes what we fear so much maybe what we really need.

I'm enjoying my low cut and rocking it like there is no tomorrow. If u see a sister wearing a punk, do not hesistate to holla!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The back-up plan

This blog post was inspired by a colleague.

Do people really have back up's when they are in relationships? I have asked a few people and the majority which are mainly guys seem to have back-ups. A back-up is having a plan B in case plan A doesn't work out.

No wonder some people are so quick to start another relationship after a break up because having a back-up means you are double dating and also cheating.

For a long time i kept wondering how my ex-boyfriend got married barely three months after we broke up. Yeah, so now i know.

Personally, i do not support double dating. But then, different strokes for different folks.

Whatever gets you through the day.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Happy new year! i'm getting bald!!!

Happy new year people!!!!

Runaway atoskin is back. It feels like i haven't blogged in years. o how i have missed blogville, i have been so busy at work and it feels good to be back!

The year has been very good, God has really been faithful and i am indeed grateful.

I'm now on twitter, i'm still trying to figure how it works though. I wanna say thank you to myne whitman, Toinlicious and 9jafoodie for following me. i don't have so many friends on blogsville so i have gotta appreciate the few i have.

Nothing much has happened to me except that i think i'm getting bald. The state of my front hairline has been so worrisome to me over the past few days. After jejely fixing orisirisi weaves and religiously applying Dr. Miracles Hair grow oil for over a year, i felt i needed a new look so i decided to braid my hair, the aftermath of those braids is a SUPER STORY!!! I have been having sleepless nights because of my hair, its so bad that i cannot even attempt to comb my hair all back, am sure any child that sees me will run for his/her life.

Okay, maybe i'm exaggerating, but its really terrible. I have my natural hair one now and i'm really hoping and praying that something happens fast.

I will appreciate if anyone has any idea of how i can grow my hairline. I have considered going on low cut but my oga no gree.

Please help a sister in need!!!

That being said "Life and Living" will be a year old on the 18th. I'm really very happy that i was able to pull it off after many failed attempts i have had blogging.

Right now, i see my blog as my baby, the excitement a mother would feel when her child starts talking or walking is exactly how i feel about my blogversary.

I wish everybody a wonderful year....