Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nigerian Idol (2)

Now that Nigerian Idol is over, am wondering what the next talent show will be. I have actually been seeing an ad on Nigerians got talent. Am very sure the auditioning will be hilarious, those are the things i enjoy watching, trust me Nigerians are very funny people.

So yes, the best singer didn't win but the best entertainer won. I think Nigerians generally love to be entertained irrespective of what is being delivered. Yeka, wasn't fantastic when she auditioned for the show, but she obviously improved and impressed everyone. Naomi on the other hand was always on point, her voice was sonorous and the judges always complimented her and the audience always applauded her.

Yeka worked on herself and showed everyone that she has got talent and swagger and she went for it. She was so shocked when her name was announced because she felt Naomi deserved it. A hearty congratulations to you Yeka, Keep up the good job and hope to hear your songs very soon.


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