Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Networking ko, networking ni!

I do not fancy any business that has to do with networking. As attractive as the benefits may sound, i have never been tempted venturing into one.

A friend has tried all her best to make me start forever living product business, networking is not just my thing, i don't even have the energy to start convincing people talkless of following up with them, that is a lot of work as far as i am concerned.

A woman was at my office sometime last week to do a presentation on Anion sanitary pad, this was a serious lecture as she came with a board and a marker with plenty fliers and materials needed for the experiment. Fast forward, she started and ended the presentation but the highlight was not about selling the pads, she concentrated more on the networking part of the business.She went on and on and listed the numerous advantages like getting to a stage where i will be entitled to a brand new car. She told us how she quit her job and fully embraced the business blah blah blah.

The part i was meant to like was when she said that they(Anion distributors) are not permitted to force people into doing the business as its for people to decide for themselves. I was really very happy to hear that until she started calling and asking me how far. Goshhh, i was in shock, it was barely two days after her presentation and she was already contradicting herself, she even went to the extent of paying me another visit at work even after i told her i would be very busy, she still came oh and offered to wait till i was less busy. Geez, i was so very pissed and i considered that to be very annoying!

I dislike it when people are on my case on such issues, i love to make my own decisions because i always hold myself responsible for any decision i make either good or bad, i hate to have to hold someone responsible if things do not work out well for me.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: This blogpost is not aimed at discouraging anyone who is into networking business of any sort, i know a lot of people who are into it and making money big time, i personally do not take such risks plus the fact that i do not have the energy for that kain work.

Have a fantastic week people!

P:S I am looking forward to the long weekend already *insert dancing smiley here*


  1. Very well said! Welcome to the new face of "wealth" evangelism...."Network". U'd be surprised at how great their "fellowship" daily expands on a dime and penny. Thank God they dont share "tracts" .Ish.

  2. @ chilli; LWKMD, na serious evangelism!