Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Excitement galore

May God bless mama Tosin, this prayer is coming from the depth of my heart, can i hear an amen? Ok, may God bless our mothers, am sure the amen this time around is more resounding. May God bless her real good. Usually at the beginning of every month, she calls me very early in the morning and prays for me over the phone, isn't that a wonderful way to start the month? I only hope she doesn't stop when Mr. R comes around...I really hope it doesn't stop o because i no go gree!

Am very excited this month and i am anticipating many miracles, really trusting God for some awesome things. My excitement doesn't end here, my church is having another edition of Woman Cry out in Lekki Pennisular Hotel and i also have a wedding in Alausa both on the same day!!! I honestly don't know how i will merge the two events because it is very compulsory i attend both.

Today is also Daddy G.O'S birthday (Pastor Adeboye), i pray God continues to strengthen him and grant him many more years, Daddy G.O has been and is still a blessing to our nation. And finally, my friend and sister travelled and she'll be gone for 3 weeks, missing her already, i really wished we were travelling together, we would have made jest of everything and anything, honestly, thats how i felt before my cousin confirmed that it is the feeling you get when you see a loved one off to MM1. Ok, Tosin, first things first, get yourself an international passport biko!!!

So yes am back in the office and all i want right now is FOOD!!!

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