Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bury yourself daily.......

This was a statement my Pastor made in church on sunday and hey, it doesn't imply suicide. It simply means that we should bury our flesh on a daily basis. The flesh and spirit are are constant war against themselves; the flesh makes us disobey the things of the spirit. The bible says that God is a spirit and we must worship him in spirit and in truth, this implies that our flesh restricts us from worshipping God the way He wants us to.

Burying our flesh daily means that we must nail it to the cross for it to experience the excruciating pains Jesus paid for our sins. It means laying aside every sin that easily besets us, It means to be christlike in every way and manner, It means thinking before acting and imagining Christ in that situation, It means taking the focus off ourselves and looking up to God the author and finisher of our faith, It means letting go of offenses, abuses, grievances, hatred, unforgiveness and every thing contrary to the fruits of the spirit.

Let us cling to the old rugged cross and exchange it someday for a crown.......thats my song of the day, God bless you George Bennard!


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