Thursday, 13 March 2014

Testing! Testing!!

Hellllooooo everyone, how are we all doing? Its been quiet here since forever shey? Make una no vex o, Happy new year is in order abi? I have just become very lazy at blogging and there are so many times i really wanted to write but i just never did.

I don't need a soothsayer to tell me that a lot has happened in blogsville but first of all, i am happy New dawn is back, hope y'all  can see  i am still current. I also know that the search for the guy who pounds Toin's yams still continues and Atilola's "Guess the blogger series" has

It feels good to be back and getting to write a post after about 5 months, feels like i just got back from maternity leave. The truth is that i have been so occupied with work and plenty other activities but i am back for good.

Mr. Incredible came up with a pet name for me after sooo much persuasion, i love nicknames a lot, infact all my friends and my colleagues have nicknames that i came up with myself. For example, lets assume your name is Vivian, it becomes Vivi automatically, so its either i make a shortform out of your existing name or come up with a totally different name. So as i was saying, MI came up with "Sweebe", the first time i heard him call me that i was like "swe what"?
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For someone who loves and has multiple nicknames like i do "sweebe" cannot and will not work so i just jejely told him to stick to sweetheart. Let me tell yo some of my numerous nicknames, Atoskin, Toseke, Toskolo, Tosyno, TosTos, sweeti, Sucre Extra boogie should i continue? Lol

That is how some of my friends started asking me why i call hubs Mr. Incredible, they have been teasing me about the word "Incredible" and i have told them that their mind needs to be renewed.

Before i go i will just like to say that if you are in need of a nice nickname, send me your real name and you will be amazed at what i will come up with.

See you all same time same station next.........?


  1. Loool. Madam Na wa o. Welcome back. Oya, my name is Atilola. Send me my nick name.

    1. Veryyyyy simple. Na you be my first customer and i go treat you well well. Ok, i can derive two nicknames from Atilola, the first one is Atiti pronounced as Ah-teetee and the second one is Tilo, pronounced as Teelaw. I am too much abi?

  2. lmaooo. You people should stop looking for who pounded my yams biko.

    So what's my nickname?

    As for Mr. Incredible...hmn, i never thought about that before but that's def what i'm thinking now. Incredible sounds really..erm er Incredible *wink*

    So, extra boogie huh? I can totally see that *flees*

  3. The search for your yam pounder continues my sister, nothing can stop us! I have so many of your namesakes in my life so i am pretty sure that you will be familiar with any name i come up with. Its either Tee-Y or To-yenyen.

  4. U forgot to add Atoks, now that's my nick name for yo, lol. Nice to have you back, always love reading your posts.

  5. blessings....
    Just stopped in from my stroll through bloggersville to say hello, wish you a blessed and a fabulous Sunday.

    Good luck finding your yam pounder.


  6. My sincere apologizes Atsokin, am just seeing your comment in my blog and this updated post. It was your second blog that I actually have in my blog roll ....I kinda mixed them up.... I think ...I would make the changes.
    Thanks for commenting in my blog and for the mention in your own blog..appreciated.
    Belated Happy New year.
    My nick name is I.B but would be interesting to know what you would come out with Ibhade.
    Wishing you a happy Easter in advance.

  7. It was your Healthy Living style blog I had in my blog roll which I mixed up with that of Beautiful, using your name to store it!! I have made the corrections :)