Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Hi people, my next post like i promised in my last post was meant to be about my introduction but i got tagged in the elevens by my americana friend Kiah.

Please enjoy....

1. I hate driving long distances with or without traffic.
2. My favorite colour is pink.
3. I am the first child of two children.
4. I have a bow leg (You will never know except i tell you)
5. I don't have a favorite meal, i make anything i feel like eating at any particular time.
6. I don't like drinking water.(a bottle of cascade can last me for more than one week)
7. I love cars and i know them my name, year and model. I can tell the name of a car from a distance
8. I am short sighted and so i cant drive at night without my glasses.
9. I am addicted to watching tv, i would rather stay at home watching tv than hanging out with my friends.
10. I used to "chest" strokes of cane back in secondary school. Chest(ing) is the act of receiving several strokes of cane and not shedding a tear.
11. I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes, 9jafoodie inspires me a lot.

Kiah's questions.

1. Earliest sex experience (confess & describe) I'm sorry i can't disclose that kain information on this platform, u wan destroy my political career ni?
2. Kinkiest sex thrill - Nil
3. Proudest body part - My fingers
4. Wildest sexcapade - Not applicable
5. What would you change about yourself..makes you insecure? My hips
6. How many true friends do you have? Visible - 5, invisible - 3
7. What are trying to achieve in your life right now? Plan my wedding
8. What are you afraid of? God hasn't given me the spirit of fear.
9. Why (do) you believe in God? Because God can never fail.
10.If a movie were made about your life, what would the theme song be? My favorite things.
11. Greatest accomplishment in life? Being a line manager.


  1. I don't really like drinking water too :)

    1. So what do u substitute water with?

  2. I dont drink much water too..

    What do you mean by visible friends and invisible ones? You scare me o.. lol

    Your political career no fit to spoil again. *wink*

    - LDP

    1. Visible friends are those I see on the reg, invisible friends are those I have never met in person.

      *winking back*

  3. I so don't like drinking water too. I actually go days without drinking actual water. Biko, wot's chesting cane o? As in, u collect pankere on ur chest? Se ur natural cushion dey dat abundant ni?

    1. Lwkmd!!! Chesting means having a very high threshold for pankere such that u don't flinch when you are flogged.