Friday, 26 September 2014


I have no excuse this time around i have just been lazy, yes i said it, very lazy. Tried to blog a couple of times and got distracted midway so i have tons of half baked posts still lounging in my drafts. How is everyone doing? Very big congrats to emmalecious on the birth of her baby girl, her baby is so cute, you'll should check her Instagram.

Lately, i have been trying to keep fit and lose weight but brethren, the journey has not been easy. Whoever said it was easy? Loosing weight has to be the most difficult project i have embarked on this year and i am glad that i have started seeing progress. I read Berry Dakara's post about how some people advise women to remain overweight because their bodies belong to their husband. I think that is a foolish thing to say to even start with. Who needs all that excess luggage? So a woman should keep adding weight because her husband loves FAT even though her health is at risk? Do men really say that or i am just overreacting? Does it also count as women submitting to their husband as seen in Eph 5:22? I think women should look however they please, Skinny, fat, overweight, obese, muscular. It is our body and our decision!!!

Anyways, what i have been doing is working out indoors, there is a gym right beside my house and i haven't registered yet because i want to be sure that my subscription will not waste which is why i am practicing at home first. I use fitness blender on Youtube and i ensure that i work out for at least 30-40 minutes everyday. Hubby has started exercising with me and he has really been putting in a lot of effort for someone that detests exercising.

I will also start jogging in the mornings as from next month and hubby has said he doesn't have the strength for that one so i am on my own for now. I found this amazing group of exercise addicts called Truppr who have been my biggest source of motivation. Their name always reminds me of ABBA, you guys know the song "Super Trouper" right? Let me help you remember...

This was taken when i got back from the Truppr5kRUN

Photo taken after the Lekki-Ikoyi Walk

My newest Truppr family 


Can't remember what we were doing here

I participated in the TrupprWALK from stadium to CMS, Igbo Efon to Lekki Ikoyi bridge and the latest TrupprRUN that happened in VI. I have been able to initiate some of my friends who have also remained faithful. Its a lot of fun working out with a group of people, that's the best form of motivation as far as i am concerned.

In other news, someone really hurt me and treated me like a piece of shit for reasons best known to her. It took the special grace of God not to do anything stupid because i was exasperated  and was ready to lash out at her. You know when someone is deliberately provoking you to the extent where you overact and suddenly become the bad person? That was exactly the scenario i found myself in. How do you deal with anger? I would really love to know.

I am grateful for great friends like Toinlicious who helped me calm down. That girl sends the bestest voice notes in Yoruba. LOOOL.


P;S. Did you notice that i changed my blog layout? Yay or nay?


  1. yea i noticed it nice.goodluck on your weightloss journey.

  2. She finally updated! God be praised.
    So this is what the Truppr thing is abut. Brilliant idea really. Working out alone is the hardest thing.
    Lmao see you opening my bumbum (or lack of it) outside. I shall keep my Yoruba VN coming *wink* Thanks for the shout outs too. You know me love you plenty *kisses*
    That Berry's post en, I can't even deal

  3. Yay! I did notice. And me likey!
    Strength to your limbs as you work out.
    p.s Noticed You still have housewife tales on your blog roll, please can you do me a big favour and remove it, and replace it with New dawn? Thanks in advance dear. :)
    Hmm, would like to hear Toin voice also o.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. It's really nonsense to say a woman must stay fat to satisfy her husband. In pleasing him that way she would loose her joy. Best to sculpture your body to your own liking. When you like yourself enough, your husband will like you too.

  5. How did I miss this post? Na wa o.

    I also use fitness blender too. Don't ask me why I'm working out o. I'm just trying to keep fit and when I have a child in future, it won't be hard for me to continue.

    My friend is the one who started truppr. Glad it works for you.

    No, I am nit in DC o. I am in my father's house at Gbagada. Ask Toinlicious, she will tell you.

    So, I am still waiting for your comment.

    Happy new year, unrepentant sporadic blogger. When are we going to meet na?

    Atilola's World